CSR Today: Leading names and their social tie-ups to help uplift the unprivileged
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October 24, 2019
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October 25, 2019

CSR Today: Leading names and their social tie-ups to help uplift the unprivileged

With companies and brands becoming more socially conscious, community building initiatives are spurring for good. Social activities are increasingly being incorporated in the overall vision and mission for a firm, states the consensus today. Keeping these facts in mind, let’s take a look at how some of India’s major names lead the way to forming a more socially responsible business community.

  1. E-Choupal- A choupal that connects rural farmers 

An initiative of “Swagatika Barika”- the Choupal program considers business and social well-being to be intricately intertwined. As an attempt to digitally empower rural farmers helping them secure agriculture products, the initiative covers 40,000 villages and over four million farmers. It’s social, and farm forestry program assists farmers in converting wasteland to pulpwood plantations.

  1. Savera Association 

Savera Association, an organization working to alleviate critical social conditions for underprivileged has seen contributions by the famous hotelier Suresh Nanda (Claridges Chairman), who has been passionate in providing aid to the impoverished residents of the Basti of Srinivaspuri in Delhi. Through associating with Savera, Suresh Nanda and the Savera members are helping in providing education and essential health treatment to the poor villagers including free services for their families as well.  Savera’s main aim is to provide the basti’s children with all the facilities they need to enable them to stand on their feet, understand their potential and to make it in life as proud individuals rather than just subsisting without a goal.

  1. RAHI Foundation, Anuja Gupta

RAHI Foundation has been on the forefront when it comes to helping the derelict masses. RAHI provides a strong network of support for adult women survivors of incest and child sexual abuse (CSA). Along with their education, advocacy, training, research and communication in the field. It is valued as being the only organization of its kind in India. People can reach out to associate with the organization and help end violence against women for good.

  1. Nanhi Kali 

A sponsorship project that was started by Anand Mahindra in 1996, the association helped the bleak future of girl child in India, by breaking the callous wheel of poverty. In partnership with 21 other NGOs that help the Nanhi Kali project to implement its cause, every sponsor lends his support in providing for child’s required academic and material support.

  1. Sri Ramakrisha Sevashram (SRKS)

A firm believer of serving the country through its people, Sudhanshu Biswas teaches the values of compassion, perseverance and having a definite purpose. This 96-year old freedom fighter takes ‘compassion’ to the next level. After serving the army for an extensive period, he chose to settle down in a remote village, and work for the benefit of the derelict people in underdeveloped areas. His ashram “hermitage” gives you a glimpse of his inspirational work.

These are some leading examples that helped turned the lives of many, shelling them from their distressed condition to providing them with a safe haven! You can reach out to them here, and be a part of community building change makers.

 — Savera association (Major association with Suresh Nanda, Chairman of The Claridges) – Basti Vikas Kendra G-Block

— RAHI Foundation (founded by Anuja Gupta) – I-1804 Second Floor, Chittaranjan Park,

— Nanhi Kali (founder ANAND Mahindra, chairman of Mahindra Group) – Mumbai

— Sri Ramakrishna Sevaashrama (founder Sudhanshu Biswas, an ex-army comrade) – Pavagada

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