Nippon Express (India) promotes local community building through its employees
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Nippon Express (India) promotes local community building through its employees

dedicated to the CSR sector. It has shown its social contribution activities for local communities in which its employees can participate. Nippon Express India has undertook activities to help deal with social issues, making great contributions in areas of environment conservation, environment education, community action programme , and lending support for UNICEF.

Nippon Express has been also been donating relief aid to areas affected by floods or construction work, while also providing defecation facilities for schools. In addition, the company has been looking for areas to contribute, laying equal emphasis on its employees to become a vital part of its community building initiatives.

The firm, as an entity and its employees are equal participants in promoting CSR activities at different levels.  The company has designated fifth Saturdays of every month, devoted to CSR as “day for activities.” The firm launched the activities on a company-wide basis, full-fledged, in June this year.

Employees volunteer actively towards social services along with keeping the daily operational activities at par. Nippon Express has introduced a support system to make it easier for employees to participate, with the main branch holding discussions, and employees independently planning the content or how bouts of activities.

Some of the activities include:

  • Frequent visits to orphan centers where employees play with the children, clean the vicinity, provide for their meals, toys, and practice tree plantation
  • Visits to schools and elderly care facilities (interacting with residents, cleaning premises, and providing chairs, cooking ingredients, etc.)
  • Distribution of emergency food to workers and other housing areas
  • Participation in local ecological/green events and initiatives
  • Providing meals, stationery, etc., to children
  • Donating blood to cancer patients
  • Clean-up activities in areas around offices, etc.

As a result of such active CSR campaigns, about 80% of all employees are seen participating in activities on the dedicated fifth Saturdays.

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