Engineer Turned Author – Sudha Murty, a True Inspiration to Many!
From Versatility to Wits - Twinkle Khanna Inspiring Masses
From Versatility to Wits – Twinkle Khanna Inspiring Masses
December 27, 2023
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December 27, 2023

Engineer Turned Author – Sudha Murty, a True Inspiration to Many!

Engineer Turned Author - Sudha Murty, a True Inspiration to Many!

Engineer Turned Author - Sudha Murty, a True Inspiration to Many!

Driven by her sense of contribution and willingness to provide for the health and well-being of the country, she transformed her career trajectory and turned into a full-time philanthropist with the intent to give power to underprivileged people and make them lead a happy and fulfilled life. Here’s the incredible and inspiring story of Sudha Murty, who crossed all barriers and made an indelible mark in people’s hearts through her literary skills and humanitarian contributions. For her immense support and contributions, she has been conferred with various awards, including Padma Bhushan Award – the third-highest civilian award.


Marking the Beginning of Her Career – Being an Engineer at TELCO

As an intellectual and scholar holding a Master’s in Engineering, she was dedicated to her studies and embarked on her professional journey as an engineer at TELCO. This marked the beginning of a revolutionary era as Sudha Murty became the first female engineer to be employed at India’s largest auto manufacturer, TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company. Later, through her hard work and determination, she achieved the position of Senior Systems Analyst at the Walchand Group in Pune.


Delving Into Her Passion for Literature – Turned Out to Be an Author

She has made notable contributions to the field of Literature by writing books in both English and Kannada. Beyond her books, her passion for writing shines in the columns she contributes to English and Kannada newspapers. 

Her astounding literary contributions are evident in the works like “How I Taught My Grandmother to Read” showing her deep-rooted values from growing up in a joint family where she used to live with her maternal grandparents. The resonance of her writings reached such heights that some were adapted into TV serials, including “Dollar Bahu,” televised on Zee TV in 2001.   


Contributions Toward Philanthropic Causes 

Motivated by a deep-seated passion for serving the nation, she transformed her affection and desire to contribute into a full-fledged career. At the helm of the Infosys Foundation, a Karnataka-based non-profit organisation, she embarked on a mission to support underprivileged people in various areas of life, i.e. education, healthcare, arts, culture, and care for the needy—all funded entirely by Infosys without external borrowing. 


Coming from a scholarly background, she is aware of the pivotal role of education in shaping an individual’s life. This led her to collaborate with the Karnataka government to establish school and library facilities in government schools across the state. Expanding her impact globally, the Infosys Foundation established a branch in the USA, focusing on supporting initiatives in science and technology. She further enriched cultural heritage by establishing the Murty Classical Library of India at Harvard University.


Recognizing the importance of public healthcare, she currently serves as a member of the Gates Foundation’s public healthcare initiatives. Her commitment extends to the welfare of the abandoned and destitute through her NGO, providing training for self-sufficiency and empowering them to lead lives with pride and dignity.


Worked diligently, transformed lives

With her relentless pursuit to transform the lives of needy people, she tirelessly worked day and night, impacting thousands of people by providing them with education and essential healthcare and also encouraging them to pursue arts and culture. Beyond her philanthropic endeavours, her literary prowess became a powerful force for positive change, influencing and uplifting lives. Her excellence extends beyond her career, a testament to a life marked by compassion in her heart and strength in her mind.


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