About Us

Cross BarriersAbout Us

Cross Barriers, a News media website, is an initiative to shed light on the humanly efforts of people. Our news and blogs are dedicated towards highlighting significant contributions of cover stories of practitioners and institutes that make this world a better place. Our team aims to add new dimensions to humanity and sustainability through the rare positive efforts.

Our Mission?

Cross Barriers, as the name suggests, works towards overcoming all the hindrances in promoting humanity in the world. Our objective is to support the efforts of people and organizations in forming a positive and responsible society.

Who we are?

Cross Barriers, in a basic form, is a News media website that presents news and stories about the social activities of various people and organizations. We work towards enhancing the perspective of our viewers on building a sustainable society.

What we do?

Cross Barriers features success stories, news releases and blogs on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities by corporate, individuals and NGOs, endeavoring to spread awareness on prevailing social causes.