Gavaksh NGO is celebrating Diwali without Crackers under its #UmeedKaDiya campaign
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Gavaksh NGO is celebrating Diwali without Crackers under its #UmeedKaDiya campaign

While India is amidst Diwali celebrations, it becomes the responsibility of every individual living in India to protect our environment or as Gavaksh NGO puts it ‘without or fewer crackers and more with decoration, lights, flowers, creativity and laughter’ under its #UmeedKaDiya campaign.

Consecutively for several years, Delhi is witnessing a catastrophe like situation during the eve of Diwali and a few days following it. This time, the Delhi Government is also running a campaign for cracker free Diwali. In an effort to reduce cracker use on Diwali, Gavaksh has joined hands together with the government, to conduct a workshop in Sanjay Amar colony and Anna Nagar.

Making a note of the fact that everything can’t be taught like respect and kindness cannot be taught with the help of any book, the NGO will make youth aware of how pollution caused due to the crackers is causing permanent damage to the environment. People suffering from asthma and animals suffer the most because of the harmful pollution.

The NGO through this workshop will conduct skits and talks to educate the people on going eco-friendly this Diwali. Additionally, the NGO will make this workshop more creative by organising creative activities such as making things out of waste paper to make them aware of why we should avoid burning crackers.

Moreover, hand painted T-shirts for volunteers, dance, music, clowning with Sheetal Agarwal and celebration with the whole community with dance, music, lots of games followed by distribution of gifts and sweets, will be a part of this Diwali creative workshop.

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