CSR Activity
January 19, 2023

Expectations for Increased Corporate Social Responsibility in India’s 2023 Budget: A Comparative Analysis with Global Regulations and Data

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an increasingly important aspect of modern business operations. Companies are expected to take responsibility for the impact they have on […]
January 14, 2023

Unpacking the Scope of Corporate Social Responsibility in India

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is easy to discuss in the abstract but much more work to implement. What is CSR? And why is it such a […]
January 14, 2023

Promoting Road Safety in India: A Look at 5 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Case Studies

Road safety is a critical issue that affects everyone in India. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, more than 1.5 lakh people die in road […]
October 24, 2020

Niti Aayog expresses confidence in corporate sector to support COVID-19 vaccination as CSR activity

Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman of Niti Aayog, showed optimism that money and the necessary resources would be available for an operable and effective vaccination system to […]
May 19, 2018
Chandru Raheja believes that doing well for the people should initially be practiced at home.

K Raheja Corp creating a sustainable society with meaningful CSR activities

Taking an initiative towards creating a more equitable environment for the society, a real estate company in Mumbai, K Raheja Corp has been taking up various […]
September 14, 2015

Reliance Industry is excelling in its Corporate Social Responsibilities.

Being one of the top companies in the industry is a huge responsibility. They not only work for the betterment of society by providing their services […]