K Raheja Corp creating a sustainable society with meaningful CSR activities
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May 9, 2018
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K Raheja Corp creating a sustainable society with meaningful CSR activities

Chandru Raheja believes that doing well for the people should initially be practiced at home.

Taking an initiative towards creating a more equitable environment for the society, a real estate company in Mumbai, K Raheja Corp has been taking up various corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. With these efforts, the firm aims at empowering the society.

Chandru Raheja, the Chairman of K Raheja Corp has been acting as a channel between the organization and the beneficiaries. He has been playing a crucial role in building the CSR wing of the company.

The philanthropist has passionately worked for various sectors and established a number of facilities. These include – SL Raheja Hospital & Diabetic Research Center, LS Raheja Technical School and LS Raheja College of Arts & Architecture.

In order to make a difference across different impactful areas of the society, the company has tied up with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), government and other stakeholders. The Chairman also zealously supports Marrow Donor Registry India (MDRI). It is a registered NGO, which sources bone marrow donors.

Adding substantial value to the society, K Raheja Corp is making significant efforts towards phased development in various sectors.


With a thinking that education has the power to change the face of a nation, Chandru Raheja has laid the foundation of LS Raheja Technical School and LS Raheja College. Besides, K Raheja Corp has taken various other initiatives for the education sector – elementary education facilities for the children of site workers, educational institutions under the Sadhna Education Society, and setting up of other institutions for Arts and Commerce.

Apart from these, another influential step taken by the company is Teaching Tree. It is led by its business parks Mindspace and NGOs Save the Children, Teach for India, and others. This initiative aims to provide quality education to the children of daily wage earners. Besides, it also educated the teachers and ensures to enhance training for them.

Community Upkeep

K Raheja Corp has taken up a drive to transform the Durgam Chevuru Lake of Hyderabad, which spreads over 83 acres. Also called the Secret Lake, it is hidden between Madhapur and Jubilee Hills. With the transformation of the lake, the residents will be able to enjoy a scenic spot in Hyderabad.

K Raheja Corp has taken up the project in association with the Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC). It strives to provide a clean waterfront to the city and enhance the biodiversity. Completion of the project will give a makeover to the lake, which will be spawning with facilities for entertainment, adventure, restoration, health and fitness. The work on the project had already begun in May 2017.

Worker Welfare

A philanthropist, Chandru Raheja believes that doing well for the people should initially be practiced at home. Becoming a leader for worker welfare, he ensures that the last-mile laborer is being taken care of. His company provides medical facilities and mobile creches for all construction on-site workers. Besides, the company also takes care of health, sanitation and meals for their children.


Training initiatives taken by K Raheja Corp are driven by empowerment. The company has laid following programs under this division:

  • Apparel training center: The center trains women with various skills related to the garments industry. The aim of this center is to help these women become financially independent.
  • Youth readiness training: Under this program, the youth from rural areas of the country is trained in inherent skills. This program promises a progressive future for the youth, along with ample employment opportunities.


K Raheja Corp has also taken various initiatives in the healthcare sector. All its ventures aim at providing top-notch health facilities to communities. These are:

  • S L Raheja Hospital – Center of Excellence in Diabetes and Oncology
  • Marrow Donor Registry India (MDRI) – A registered NGO working towards sourcing of bone marrow donors

With a vision of creating a sustainable community, the originator of K Raheja Corp, Chandru Raheja has taken some significant steps towards the development of the society. All these efforts have been playing a potent role in bringing positive changes in the society.

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