PritiPatkar is a messiah for victims of human trafficking
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PritiPatkar is a messiah for victims of human trafficking

priti patkar fighting human trafficking

Despite having a degree from a top university, and a high-flying career awaiting abroad, PritiPatkar stayed in Mumbai to rescue victims of inter generational trafficking. She has risen as the messiah of the underprivileged and the downtrodden.

PritiPatkarhas dedicated her life to the victims of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation victims. She laid the foundation of Prerna, an NGO that whole-heartedly worked for the red light districts of Mumbai with pioneer contributions that included world’s first-night care shelter amidst a red light area. The list continues with the establishment of first institutional placement program, first comprehensive education support program, the first network of anti-trafficking organizations and the first programme for AIDS-infected children.

It is to be noted that the AIDS programme was adjudged by Wahington University and was included asthe world’s seven best interventions of working with AIDS-affected children. Patkar’ssocial welfare deeds have won her many accolades and awards till date.

Her journey began whenas a student, she visited a red light area in her teens. She was greatly moved by the plight of sex-workers, and the sense of entrapment that couldn’t filter any livelihood means for them. Children of these women shared similar woes as they grew up to become prostitutes and pimps without being aware of any possible prospects.

The set notions of society couldn’t deter Priti from her aim, as she dedicated her life to the cause of bringing about a positive change to the most-neglected stratum of the society.

The key to Priti’s success can be attributed to her approach of sociological realism. The organization co-founded with her husband, runs four shelters where, dismayed children of the red light areas are finding a purpose to their lives,who otherwise believed there was no other way out.

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