Steel ‘e-toilets’ will Change India’s Sanitation Game
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August 16, 2017
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Steel ‘e-toilets’ will Change India’s Sanitation Game

While most corporates in India dread venturing into the ‘tabooed’ public sanitation sector, there are a few like Rimjhim Ispat which consider it as a shared responsibility. Rimjhim Ispat Ltd MD has extended help in the form of funds to build ‘e-toilets’ across the nation. These modular, pre-fabricated public toilets ─ made of best grade steel ─ are designed to take on the challenge of sanitation and open defecation in India.

Well, let’s take a moment here to recall Geetha, a Class-VIII student from Thiruvananthapuram, who made it to the headlines for a rather disturbing incident, few years ago. The young girl had accidently exposed India’s greatest shortcoming − sanitation. Afflicted by a severe urinary infection, Geetha told doctors how she had been fighting the urge to urinate throughout the day in her school, for years, because of the abysmalcondition of the bathrooms in school. Is the painful situation limited to Geetha andher school? The answer is – NO. It is the story of thousands of people across India,who either does not have access to a functional toilet in their houses, schools, colleges and offices, or the toilets are in a bad shape.

To counter the lack of adequate sanitary facilities in India, e-toilet seems like an effective solution. The term refers to India’s first electronic public toilet designed by a social enterprise named Eram Scientific. These toilets are based on a sustainable sanitation approach that capitalizes electronics, mechanical, and web-mobile technologies.An automatic door, energy-saving lights, and programmed flushing system make it the need of the hour for a country like ours.

“There are a number of issues connected with traditional public toilets in India, such as scarcity of water, unavailability of power and lack of maintenance or cleanliness. E-Toilets are the perfect solution for all of that,” pointed the Rimjhim Ispat Ltd MD.

This revolutionary model has received around 43 national and international accolades for its functionality and user-friendliness. It is indeed an achievement that more than 2,100 e-toilet units have been installed in India. The sanitation wave also led to the incorporation of nearly 500 Sewage Treatments Plants across 19 states across the nation.

It is, in fact, a matter for pride for us to see domestic commercial players like Rimjhim Ispat contributing scaling operations from Kanpur to a national scale. These efforts are bound to bolster India’s cleanliness and hygiene drive. Efforts like these would surely make way for other initiatives that would make India a clean and safe place to live in.

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