What are the popular Fundraising ideas for cancer patients in India?
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What are the popular Fundraising ideas for cancer patients in India?

fundraising ideas

Cancer, unlike humans, doesn’t know any distinctions. It chooses the rich and the poor alike. If statistics are to be believed around 11, 20,200 people are diagnosed with the deadly ailment every year in India. It is to be noted that only half of the above-listed people have access to necessary treatment and fundraising ideas. Lack of funding paves the way to disappointments that eventually results in losing hope. Thus, there is a dire need to utilize the available resources. We put here the list of Fundraising ideas for cancer patients.

List of top fundraising ideas for cancer patients:

Medical insurance

It is amongst the best pre-emptive ideas in case of a medical emergency. It is generally observed that people have only one insurance policy. We surely have no idea of the illnesses that may pave our way, thus it is essential to find a suitable plan to get ourselves optimal coverage. For instance, if any individual has a family history of diabetes, a policy can be availed that covers diabetes will ease the financial burden.

Crowd funding

It is amongst the leading money raising ideas wherein cancer patients can raise funds from friends and family to tide over the crisis. Social networks can be leveraged to raise funds for cancer patients in India. Besides local networks, financial help can be sought from all over the globe. Crowdfunding over the internet is easy to establish, operate and track.

Fundraising from NGO’s

Cancer survivors also operate networks for creating awareness about fundraising ideas to help those who are unable to afford the needed treatments. The deadly disease brings about a dramatic shift in the perception of cancer infected individual. Celebrities and well off cancer survivors set up trusts to help the needy. To name a few, we have Nargis Dutt Memorial Trust, Yuvraj Singh Foundation, Indian Cancer Society, The Cancer Patient Aid Association, and the Cancer Care Trust etc.




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