Philips CSR campaign; generates aid & awareness around childhood Pneumonia
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Philips CSR campaign; generates aid & awareness around childhood Pneumonia

Philips CSR company

Philips India, a leading tech appliances company, recently launched a CSR campaign around childhood pneumonia to increase awareness and aid around the health issue. With the firm making an uptick in its CSR initiatives, it went on to reach out to parents, family and caregivers and call their attention to the condition of Childhood Pneumonia, one of the major causes of under-five mortality among infectious diseases in the country.

Childhood Pneumonia remains the leading cause of death among children under five, killing approximately 2,400 children a day. India, unfortunately, claims the status of having the highest number of childhood pneumonia cases in the world, both in terms of morbidity and mortality. Around 1.5 lakh children lose their life due to pneumonia each year with over 30 million new cases reported annually.

The staggering reality of the condition is that a child dies from pneumonia every four minutes. Despite the fatality of the disease, there is not much awareness about its treatment and preventive measures that can be taken to save lives.

Philips aimed to reach to households and disseminate the necessary information that pneumonia is an infectious disease, but can be easily prevented, diagnosed and treated. However, it is under-diagnosed and under-funded in the country, observing which Daniel Mazon, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Philips Indian Subcontinent, said, “The key to preventing Pneumonia in children below the age of 5 years is identifying those at risk and educating parents and caregivers on its diagnosis and treatment. Philips is committed to contributing towards the reduction of cases of childhood pneumonia in India through this nationwide awareness campaign.”

Through its contribution towards UN Sustainable Development Goal 3, which primarily helps reduce childhood mortality caused by childhood pneumonia, Philips India makes its contribution to increase awareness and initiate necessary preventive measures of mitigating this disease. “Through this campaign, we aim to focus on both urban, and rural areas and reach out to the people through multiple mediums including TV, radio, print, digital, social media channels and on-ground initiatives,” said a representative of the firm.

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