Vital considerations to be taken into account while planning a CSR program
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Vital considerations to be taken into account while planning a CSR program

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs not only lend a helping hand to the society, they also project an organization in a positive light. However, a question that often leaves the organizations in a fix is: “Which approach to follow while planning a CSR program?” We bring you the top five factors you must consider. Take a look:

  1. Finding the purpose

Finding the right cause to root for makes all the difference in planning a CSR program. The purpose of the CSR activities should align with the values and belief system of the organization, employees, and other associated entities alike. This results in high engagement and ROI.

  1. A holistic approach

Finding something that draws people into making collective efforts is the foundation of every successful CSR program. Not only the key stakeholders, a good CSR program must aim at attracting active participation from people outside the organization as well.

  1. Authenticity

Whether it’s employees, other stakeholders or other people, everyone is attracted to an organization that follows an approach that looks and feels real. Authenticity in CSR programs is appreciated by all, regardless of the cause your organization is contributing to.

  1. Think global, act local

You might decide to make your contribution to global cause, but it won’t make the desired impact unless you start from the grassroots level. CSR programs where employees and other stakeholders can feel the impact in their local communities attract greater participation, since a large number of people in and around your organization can easily relate to the purpose.

  1. Practice what you preach

Preaching something and practicing something else is a big ‘no’ if you want lasting engagement from employees and other stakeholders. While creating a CSR program, the employer must ensure that the management as well as the executives abide by the values that lie at the core of the program. Walking and talking examples of what your organization preaches add to the ingenuity and authenticity of your CSR program.

Taking the above factors into consideration will definitely help you create a CSR initiative that’s authentic, attractive, and engaging for all.

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