Top NGOs working for senior citizens in India
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Top NGOs working for senior citizens in India

senior citizen ngo

senior citizen ngo

Amid the rising number of challenges facing the elderly, there are several senior citizens NGOs doing commendable works to make a difference.

While we bask in the glory of youth, chasing our dreams, experiencing insanity for the sake of ‘learning’ and living like there is no tomorrow, it is the elderly who are oftentimes forgotten, with their needs and wants overlooked. In India, the number of senior citizens population is quite substantial and it is estimated to cover over 20 percent of the country’s total population by 2050.

However, helping old people and bringing a positive change in their standard of living is the need of the hour because as much as old age people constitute a considerable portion of India’s demography, most of their conditions are lamentable, which is one of the major social issues in our country today. With their diminishing health, their vulnerability against problems pertaining to every aspect of their lives increases, and adding to their growing burden is the negligence and stereotypes created by society.

Thankfully, there are a number of non-governmental organizations working for the cause of the elderly and in improving their living conditions by addressing their needs and challenges. These NGOs for old age people have not only helped the elderly tackle the challenges they face but also raise awareness among people about such issues.

1.  VridhCare VridhCare is a senior citizens NGO in Delhi. It works for its own cause as well as bolsters the cause of other similar organizations by providing infrastructural support where need be. Though its mission is to give senior citizens a better living standard, its unique approach of fulfilling it through friendly associations with other notable organizations, individuals, and charity homes rather than seeking funds from the public is what makes VridhCare stand out. 

The NGO mostly partners with corporate firms to generate donations for the elderly- whose cause it is committed to work for. From providing food security through ration supplies to donating sewing machines for fostering skill growth and setting up computer labs at other NGOs for the elderly, the organization seeks to bring a positive impact in each and every aspect of the old age people’s lives that have often been neglected.

2. Help Age IndiaA nearly four-decade-old NGO, Help Age India strives to address the various challenges faced by senior citizens in terms of quality healthcare, abuse, etc on societal, state and national level. By working closely with other senior citizen associations, it caters to the elderly in a holistic manner and enables them to live a healthier and happier life with dignity.

3. Dignity FoundationBased in Mumbai, Dignity Foundation helps the underprivileged senior citizens through various programs including counselling, companionship and food provisions. It has also been initiating skill-building activities among the elderly poor living in slums with the chief objective of giving them financial independence.

4. Agewell FoundationAgewell foundation has been working towards helping old age people since 1999. The NGO, through a network of volunteers, interacts with senior citizens and recognizes their needs and difficulties which are then addressed. With its team of experts, volunteers and social workers, the foundation initiates various projects and programs that are aimed at improving every aspect of the elderly’s lives.

5. Dada Dadi Help FoundationAn organization which originally started off in 1980 as a small health camp for about 100 senior citizens is today one of the prominent NGOs for old age people. Through its associations with various hospitals and societies, it conducts health camps, seminars and recreational activities for senior citizens and constantly works towards innovating their approaches.

According to NGO-DARPAN, an initiative by NITI Aayog, there are over 15,000 NGOs in India helping old age people. Though their endeavors are immensely laudable, considering the vast population in India, it is nearly impossible for them to impact the lives of each and every senior citizen of the country. Therefore, as responsible citizens and moral beings, it is important that we take our part in supporting the cause of these NGOs in every way we can.

The elderly, who have lived with dignity all their lives, are suddenly left to look after themselves. In rural as well as urban areas in India, the statistics of old age abandonment have been rising continuously. This had not only given a rise to homelessness and overcrowding at Old Age homes. While some have no other means to survive other than begging, others are taken in by the NGOs working primarily for the senior citizens. These senior citizen NGO have been working continuously to cater to the medical and physiological needs of elderlies by extending residency in several old age homes, healthy diet sessions, exercising programs, etc.

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