Sahara Star Hotel Teams up With Feeding India to Provide Food to The Needy and Underprivileged
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November 12, 2019
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November 22, 2019

Sahara Star Hotel Teams up With Feeding India to Provide Food to The Needy and Underprivileged

Subrata Roy Sahara Star Feeding India

India’s flourishing economy and its global stature as an economic power is a matter of extreme pride for the countrymen. While the nation is growing at an impressive pace, we should not overlook the other side of the coin that says about 15% of Indians live below poverty line.

According to ‘The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World, 2019’ report, over 190 million people in India are undernourished. With a noble aim to feed people in need, Sahara India Pariwar’s Mumbai-based flagship Hotel Sahara Star has joined hands with Feeding India as its CRS initiative.

As a part of its social welfare task, Sahara Star Hotel, Mumbai has pledged to donate a huge amount of food to Feeding India foundation so that thousands of underprivileged children can have a meal.

Talking about the collaboration, Manish Sodhi, CEO of Hotel Sahara Star said, “There is no bigger solemn task than bringing a smile on others’ faces, feeding those in need. We are committed to bring positive changes in the society by nourishing school children in alliance with Feeding India.”

Announcing the consecrated collaboration, Feeding India praised Sahara Star Hotel and its manager Mr. Sahil in a tweet that read, “The ones who love food the most understand the value of not wasting it.”

One of the major reasons of our country’s hunger problem is the wastage of food on a large scale. Hotel Sahara Star, a dream project of Subrata Roy, donated its excess food, because of which Feeding India was able to serve 50 more slum children daily.

The CSR activity by Sahara is one of the many programs organized by the company, including Aid social cause, civic development project, and blood donation camp. Such initiatives hold a testimony to Sahara India’s belief in the idea of giving back what it earns to the society.

This is not the first time Sahara India Pariwar has been associated with Feeding India. Hotel Sahara Star also collaborated with the organization earlier this year as well.

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