Quark 2018 rocking BITS Goa with competitions and Aurora Nights
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Quark 2018 rocking BITS Goa with competitions and Aurora Nights

quark bits goa 2018

Quark 2018, the Annual technical fest of BITS Goa was successfully kicked off this Friday. It is expected to record more than 50,000 visitors coming from all across the country and globe. Quark 2018 will feature the theme of Spanning Horizons, and is expected to be a bigger affair than its predecessors.

The events will be under eight major categories- Elixir, Corporate, Roboficial, Design and Build, Programmers Inc., Initiatives, Specials, and Electrify. Sub-events include technical games and competition like MatMania, Digilogica, RoboSumo, Mortar Kombat, Paper presentation, Hackathons, Smart Cities Smart Solutions, Trailblazers, Cubing and the Quark National Quiz.

Participants will take part in code-a-thons, build robots, quiz, and create creative circuits that meet a certain challenge. Matka is considered one of the country’s biggest gaming competitions where gamers come to battle on a DOTA platform or a CS:GO game. The gamers are fierce and they play all day and night to win the trophy. BITSMUN, is one of the biggest Model United Nations in India that invites more than 400 international and national delegates to participate.

Prominent companies hold technical and personality-development workshops, conducted by highly learned and renowned professionals. Quark 2018 will feature companies like Amazon Web Services, SolidWorks, National Instruments, QuickHeal, Buyucoin, and SEBI. Certification provided by these big names can prove to be useful when career-hunting as they provide an edge over others.

Aurora Nights provides a perfect end to the technical events every day. Quark 2017 invited awesome artists such as The Indian Jam Project, famous YouTuber and bagpipe artist Archy Jay-aka- ‘TheSnakeCharmer’, and cellist Alison Gabrielle.

The CSR initiatives of Quark are also well-known. This year Col. Lalit Rai will be seen as the brand ambassador of RED. Quark 2018 is being held under the patronage of organisations such United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and CEE-SAYEN.

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