How to stop domestic violence?
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How to stop domestic violence?

how to stop domestic violence

An evil deep rooted in the society, domestic violence is an issue that needs our attention. With the number of cases increasing every day, it is high time we take responsibility and help the ones in need. Often, we cater to domestic violence with ignorance. The thought of not intervening in someone’s personal matters can lead to terrible outcomes. Also, it is important to bear in mind that domestic violence can be against anyone, irrespective of their gender. A consideration on how to stop domestic violence should always be present in our minds.

how to stop domestic violence

The reasons that mainly account for domestic violence include societal pressure, patriarchy and many such social evils. Statements like ‘You are the man and you control her’ or ‘She is using you for her benefits’ invoke a sense of rebellion. It is these thoughts that lead to dire consequences. It also sets up the pace for an abusive environment.

Along with keeping a check on what we say and how we act when needed, we can prevent domestic violence using the following ways:

1. Look at the warning signs

The behavior of people near you is a reflection of their thoughts. If they appear to be intimidated or scared from their partners, consider asking them the reason. It might bring to light the things they’ve been facing behind the walls.

2. Keep your ears open

The first lesson on how to stop domestic violence is by listening to what is going on around us. Constant shouting or fighting is a sign that needs to be considered. Intervene if such things happen in your vicinity on a regular basis.

3. Be a patient listener

Listening closely and letting them know you care is one of the best things you can do. People who share their personal problems with you are not always attention seekers.

4. Read between the lines

Listening closely also involves acting at the right moment and being available when needed. Discuss an escape plan with the victim if needed and safeguard them from the pain.

5. Note it down

Keep a list of things that have happened — the date, time, location, injuries and everything else. It can help you get the victim behind bars when needed.

6. Take all the help you can get

Involve the authorities if you think it is getting out of hand. Look for shelters around, you never know who might need assistance in an emergency.

7. Speak up

Take steps that help people become aware. Organize group discussions, seminars and plan campaigns. It not only helps you raise your voice but leaves an everlasting impact on the society as well.

8. Keep helpline numbers at your disposal

Make sure you have all the helpline numbers saved in your phone. It is even better to have them on speed dial.
Setting an example for others is important. Make sure you act when needed. An action taken in the right direction can help you save someone from being harassed. We hope the points mentioned above help you understand how to end domestic violence. Let’s eradicate this evil together.

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