New Farm Bill 2020: Protests witness humanity beyond religion
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New Farm Bill 2020: Protests witness humanity beyond religion

New Farm Bill 2020

Outright rejection of New Farm Bill 2020 continues to fuel the farmer protest at the Delhi border for over 20 days now. Nearing 10 rounds of mutual talks, farmers continue to bear the brunt of Delhi’s coldest winter in decades. While farmers refuse to settle down for anything less than ‘repeal the laws’, various organizations have supported their resilience in their own way.

The protests witnessed humanity beyond religion as 25 members of the Muslim Federation of Punjab volunteered to serve food at the Singhu border. From Haryana, students and working professionals came together to set up a community with necessary reading material about the issue in order to engage the youth and adults in regular discussions.

Known for its selfless services and help, various Sikh organizations were not far behind. Khalsa Aid is providing 24×7 services such as makeshift washrooms, free sanitary napkins, toiletries, blankets, etc. Furthermore, Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba earned a Twitter trend as it supplied free food for the farmers as a sign of support.

PM Modi folds hands, highlights improvements due to the bills

While addressing the ‘Kisan Kalyan’ event in Madhya Pradesh, PM Modi said, “I just want ease in the life of farmers, I want their progress and want modernity in agriculture.” Assuring a campaign to tackle misinformation about the new farm bills 2020, the Prime Minister clarified a few points that indicate substantial improvement for the farmers.

For instance, PM Modi explained that APMC mandis have not been scrapped by law. Instead, a new market alternative has been opened for the farmers to ensure the highest price for their produce. Even the MSP is not removed. Rather, the Swaminathan Committee has been set up to assure the right prices in the market, he added.

Narendra Modi’s public speech addressing the farmers reflects that there might be an element of misinterpretation about the new farm bill 2020. With respect to the government’s transparent approach towards constant dialogue and negotiation, a consensus between the farmers and legislators is expected to be established before the new year.


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