‘Hope in a Box’ wins at Global Water Drinks Awards 2020
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‘Hope in a Box’ wins at Global Water Drinks Awards 2020

Hope in a box

Hope in a Box, Philippines’ first-ever carton packaged water for Filipino customers, won the Best Corporate Social Responsibility award at the Global Water Drinks Awards 2020. The event is organized annually to recognize innovations in the packaged water industry. Other nominations in the category featured Drinks Cubed, Cervejaria Ambev, Levico Acque Srl, and VOSS.

Expressing gratitude and partner appreciation, Nanette Medved-Po, chairperson and founder of HOPE, said, “We hope to continue to deliver on our mission to not only positively impact education in the poorest communities through the building of public school classrooms, but to safeguard the environment as well through packaging innovations like Tetra Pak’s carton for water.”

Hope in a Box is the flagship product of HOPE, a social enterprise, developed in association with Tetra Pek which is one of the leading global food packaging and processing companies. In 2019, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf company decided to take the product to international markets. Currently, Hope in a Box is a three-organization venture.

Composed of 75 per cent renewable resources, Hope in a Box largely constitutes of paperboard sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This makes the octagonal-shaped product absolutely recyclable and promotes people to select it as a representation of their support towards ecological alternatives for plastic bottles.

Since its inception in 2012, the entire sales profit of Hope in a Box packs is donated to the construction and improvement of classrooms in public schools. This makes HOPE the only Philippines-based company to do so. In addition, the donations received by the company are entirely invested for the same purpose.

HOPE received an international media coverage during its Typhoon Ulysses Relief Drive as they supplied 1,28,974 clean drinking water bottles to the affected areas. Other initiatives by the social enterprise include sales improvement for coconut farmers, training farmers for various crops, and Hope in a Coconut project.



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