Build A Toilet, Build Her Future: Hindware launches new project to promote girl education
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Build A Toilet, Build Her Future: Hindware launches new project to promote girl education



Did you know that nearly 20 million girl students drop out every year in India? The reason behind this phenomenon may not what many of us have in mind. Citing the lack of proper and private sanitation facilities within school premises, many girl students have stopped going to school altogether. Hindware launches new project to promote girl education

This is indeed a worrying trend that needs to be addressed at the quickest. Hindware, a leading bath-ware brand, launched its ‘Build A Toilet, Build Her Future’ campaign to tackle this embarrassing situation. The campaign which was launched in 2020 has been a resounding success. Hindware began by adopting schools across eight different villages in Haryana. As part of the campaign, the company also help develop infrastructure and provided for the maintenance of toilets in the villages.

This year, Hindware has return with bigger things in mind. The company will partner with Ma My Anchor, a non-profit organization, to build toilets in 19 schools and 4 districts of Haryana and Rajasthan – Bahadurgarh, Gurugram, Sonipat and Udaipur. This will be a continuation of its Build A Toilet, Build Her Future initiative.

As part of this project, 50 toilets will be built across 2 states. This initiative has been undertaken as schools are being re-opened after the year and half long pandemic which forced the closure of schools all over India. In an effort to promote girl education in these two states, Hindware will involve itself in the rebuilding/construction of 50 toilets in 19 schools situated in the four mentioned districts.

Commenting on the initiative, Sandip Somany, Chairman & MD, Brilloca Ltd., said that the company felt a responsibility towards building sanitation facilities in rural areas with a special focus on schools for girl students. “We hope our effort will enable and empower young girls in these villages. And we will continue this journey by tying up with many more schools across the country spreading hygiene empowerment,” he stated.

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