More power to the children – Auxilo Finserve launches CSR initiative, Edevate
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More power to the children – Auxilo Finserve launches CSR initiative, Edevate


Auxilo Finserve Pvt. Ltd., a pro-education Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC), rolled out ‘Edevate – An Auxilo CSR initiative’ to tackle the growing problems faced by India’s education ecosystem. The programme is a part of the company’s efforts to do its fair share to make education accessible to all.

The last two years have been particularly hard on the country’s education infrastructure. COVID-19 led to mass closure of schools as the global pandemic took over. UNICEF estimates in March 2021 revealed that at least 1.5 million schools were closed due to pandemic lockdowns, affecting 247 million children in elementary and secondary schools. These are huge numbers that can adversely affect the nation’s future.

Edevate – a portmanteau of education and elevate – perfectly represents Auxilo’s CSR goals. Built on the premise that ‘Education is Elevation’, Edevate is geared towards making education accessible to all. Through Edevate, Auxilo will connect with smaller NGOs that undertake deep and meaningful projects with the goal of making a larger impact in areas that need such support the most.

Two social projects, namely Auxilo’s Edevate Scholarship and Auxilo’s Education Infrastructure Upliftment Program, will be utilized by the company to address the educational needs of the underprivileged. By working on unique projects that will guarantee last-mile connections, Auxilo aims to uplift lives and fuel aspirations of millions.

Auxilo’s Edevate Scholarship will be implemented through a collaboration with Buddy4Study, India’s biggest scholarship program. Through this program, 22 COVID affected students will be rendered financial aid to help them achieve academic success. Students who have lost one or both parents, earning members or whose family members have lost employment because of the pandemic will be supported in their academic pursuits.

Auxilo’s Education Infrastructure Upliftment Program will focus on enhancing the skills of teachers as well as work with the differently abled. Proper training facilities for teachers will be set up through the program which will benefit the teachers and ultimately, the students themselves. This project will be taken up in a concerted effort with Bijapur Integrated Rural Development Society NGO (BIRDS).

Neeraj Saxena, MD and CEO of Auxilo Finserve Pvt. Ltd., was very optimistic and stated that future endeavors including donor programs and mentorship were on the cards. “In its first year, we wanted to create something meaningful, purposeful, and most importantly impactful to the lives it would touch. We started off our CSR activity in Education as we believe ‘Education is truly the biggest Elevation,” he added.

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