Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative
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Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative

Wyoming Community Foundation

Walmart, Anschutz Foundation and Wyoming Community Foundation extend their support to Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative

One of the leading cause of death amongst women globally is breast cancer, for better outcomes there is a need to ensure early detection and treatment. There is a high degree of requirement of awareness and about the various aspects of breast cancer.

Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative

In this regard the ‘Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative’ has received a significant amount of support from Wyoming businesses in the past year. The support includes grants from Walmart, Anschutz Foundation and Wyoming Community Foundation. The Anschutz Foundation will utilize the funds to support breast health programs in Carbon, Albany and Converse counties.

walmartGrants from Walmart will support operations and event logistics and Wyoming Community Foundation will provide a grant to support education and transportation to mammogram screening for Native Americans in Fremont County. Awareness of the symptoms and screening are important ways of reducing the risk. Pam Myrum, WBCI grant director, said, “The WBCI is so grateful for these grants and all the sponsors and donors across Wyoming who support the mission of the WBCI.”

Anschutz Foundation


Wyoming is ranked very low in the nation for breast cancer screening and have remote access to facilities due to socioeconomic barriers. Pam Myrum, added, “These funds are directly used to relieve those barriers and provide early detection screening.”

Women are quite ambivalent towards their own health, there are various behavioral and social hurdles which should be addressed in breast cancer awareness campaigns. Led by volunteers, the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative work towards raising funds for breast health education, screenings and offer support to breast cancer survivors and families. In the first three years, WBCI has granted more than $330,000 to 41 programs in the state. Myrum, said, “Breast cancer is one of the few cancers that, when detected early, there is a high survival rate. The WBCI is committed to raising funds and placing grants in all counties of Wyoming.”

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