Water everywhere, yet not a drop to drink: Kohler take on water challenges faced by Indigenous Canadian communities
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Water everywhere, yet not a drop to drink: Kohler take on water challenges faced by Indigenous Canadian communities

kohler canada

kohler canada

Canada has the largest number of freshwater lakes in the world. With over 2 million lakes that dot its topography, it holds 20 percent of the Earth’s freshwater supply. Despite these odds, it only holds about 6.5 percent of the renewable global water supply. The situation only gets darker when one looks at the plight of the First Nations communities. Kohler Canada is working towards a Water first campaign.

For years now, the First Nations have been pushing for easier access to clean water and in spite of all the protests, negligible headway has been made. Kohler Co. has stepped in and has reaffirmed its commitment towards addressing the challenges faced by the First Nations. The company has announced its resolve to extend its support to the Indigenous communities in Canada in their fight to achieve easier access to clean, freshwater.

Kohler Canada is already been a partner to Water First, an NGO that addresses water challenges of the Indigenous communities in Canada, since late 2020. The latest announcement strengthens this partnership and lays the groundwork for programs and campaigns to raise awareness and funds. The resources will be used to train water operators from the First Nations communities in skills related to water quality equipment, analysis, and testing. These operators will then re-deploy to their respective local communities and help alleviate their problems.

Kohler has already donated $10,000 to be utilized for the training and skill development of Indigenous adults. This new campaign will build on the relationship between the two organizations and is expected to throw light on the precarious situation that the First Nations people find themselves in. Despite numerous promises by the ones in charge, the ground reality bears a stark contrast to the promises being doled out in the halls of power.

Although the Trudeau government has been able to effect some changes, progress is painfully slow. Existing bureaucratic red tapes add another level to the obstacles that need to be overcome. With such sad state of affairs, NGOs and corporate CSR initiatives seem to hold the best promise for these communities.

Christopher Bell, VP and General Manager, Kohler Kitchen & Bath Canada, rued the fact that 13.5 percent of First Nations communities could not drink their own tap water. “As a company focused on water, we are committed to promoting access to clean and safe water and are honored to partner with Water First to develop sustainable solutions to water issues in communities across Canada,” he added.

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