Tata Technologies to prevent water crisis in Marathwada: Signed MoU with Rotary Foundation
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Tata Technologies to prevent water crisis in Marathwada: Signed MoU with Rotary Foundation

Tata technologies

Tata technologies, in association with Rotary foundation (India), has taken up a water management and conservation project in the parched region of Marathwada. Through an inclusive approach, the project will benefit Marathwada and several districts in North Maharasthra inflicted with acute water shortage problem.

Many villages in the area receiving less than 50% of the monsoon rains, faced a severe drought in 2018 hitting the occupants hard. Lack of proper water storage facilities in these villages resulted in scarcity of drinking water for humans or their cattle and also for farming.

After diligently girding the community by both the partners, the survey showed that undertaking a comprehensive water harvesting and conservation project could create around 120 million liters of one-time storage which could also recharge the bore wells and wells until the arrival of the next monsoon.

The project targeted 4 villages – Nagnathwadi (Satara district), Pimpalgaon Lingi (Osmanabad district), Ghatgar and Tambe (Pune district). A contribution of over 22 lakhs each amounting to a total of 68 lakhs, was made by Tata Technologies, RC Pune Fareast, RC Springdale, international partner RID 6110 and supporting Rotary Clubs of Pune University and Pune Central. Four massive pits were created by excavating soil in those areas.  These 4 villages not just reaped the gains but the surrounding 6 villages were also benefited by this water conservation project increasing the water tables.

Tata Group has been assessing and establishing the groundwork to deal with the water crisis situation in this region since the end of 2015 as a team representing Tata Power, Tata Motors, Tata consulting Engineers, Tata Communications and Indian Hotels headed to the drought-struck districts of Marathwada for conducting surveys with the local inhabitants and government officials to gain an insight on the ongoing situation.

The project proved to be beneficial for around 1200 farmers and 500 hectares of agricultural land. Not only that, the women were saved from the daily herculean task of walking miles to fetch water as the bore wells and other reservoirs were recharged.


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