How to save water in daily life?
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How to save water in daily life?

How to save water in daily life

Why is it important to conserve water? A rather simple yet intriguing question, it forms the basis of existence on planet earth. Water is essential to sustain life on earth. Our whole existence is dependent on water. Though, earth consists of 71% of water, there is only a small portion which is fit for drinking. Thus, it becomes imperative to save water and ensure its judicious use.

Water conservation can be simple. It can start with easy steps that can bring about a huge difference. Listed below are some of the most effective ways which explain how to save water in daily life:

Steps to save water in daily life

  1. Save Water In Bathroom

  2. Fix Toilet Leaks

  3. Use water saving showers

  4. Install low flush toilets

  5. Do rainwater harvesting

  6. Save water in the garden

  7. Recycle Water

  8. Save water in washing car

  9. Cover swimming pool

  10. Re-use of cooking Oil

1. Keep a check on your water usage in bathroom

It is one of the easiest ways for anyone wondering how to save water in daily life. Various surveys show that a lot of water is wasted everyday while bathing or brushing your teeth. It is believed that turning off the tap while brushing can save more than 5 litres of water per minute.

2. Fix the toilet leaks

It is estimated that unknown leaks in your bathroom and household can waste up to 3,000 gallons (11,000 L) of water a year.Making minor adjustments and fixing these leaks can save a lot of water.

3. Use water-saving showers

As a matter of fact, majority of the showers use 2.5-5 gallons of water per minute. Making use of water-saving showers can bring a major change in your daily usage of water.

4. Install low-flush or dual-flush toilet

You can easily cut down on your daily water usage by installing a low-flush or dual-flush toilet. Surveys show that normal toilets use three or four times of water as compared to them.

5. Use a rainwater tank this monsoon

A rainwater tank is one of the best ways to conserve water. The water collected from rain can also be put to good uses. You can water your plants using it.

6. Use a watering can for your garden

A watering can is the best way to water your garden and give it all the nourishment it needs. A method much better than using hosepipes, it saves water. Another tip on how to save water is watering the garden early morning and late afternoon, since the chances of evaporation decrease.

7. Recycle water

Small and effective methods like collecting cold water that we run every day before the water is hot enough to shower and using it to water plants or flush the toilet can make a huge difference. Water used to rinse the dishes once can be used to soak other dishes as well.

8. Don’t run the hose while washing your car

One of the innovative ways to save water is by using a pail of soapy water to clean your car. Keeping the hose closed while washing saves thousands of liters. Use the hose only when you rinse your car. Also, use a spray nozzle when rinsing your car, for a more efficient output. Moreover, leaving the traditional methods behind, you can opt for waterless car washing systems available in the market.

9. Cover your swimming pools

Evaporation is amongst the leading causes of water loss from swimming pools. A pool can lose up to an inch of water in a week. Multiple factors including temperature, humidity, wind and more, affect the process. Covering your pools can save thousands of gallons of water.

10. Re-use your cooking liquid

An easy method to save water in daily life is reusing the cooking liquids. For instance, pasta cooking liquid can be used to water the plants after it has cooled down. Make sure not to use cold water as you might harm the plants.

With these small and innovative methods to save water in your daily life, you can make a huge difference. Every step counts and goes a long way in safeguarding the interest of every living being on the planet.

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