Spreading the cheer this holiday season: Kohler Canada kick starts donation program
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Spreading the cheer this holiday season: Kohler Canada kick starts donation program



‘Tis the season of giving. That is how the Christmas holidays are marketed to the public. If one keeps the marketing strategy aside, giving selflessly is very much in tune with the spirit of Christmas. Charity is one of the things that will never die out and it warms the heart to see people giving what they can to help out people less fortunate than them.

Public shelters were the worst hit during the global pandemic. They received the raw end of the deal as donations and charitable offerings dried up. As economic activities came to a temporary standstill, people were hard-pressed to find ways to support themselves and their families. One couldn’t expect the community to donate when they themselves were in a tight spot. However, as restrictions were lifted, donations started pouring in again and the situation is much better. That being said, the world is staring at a very likely possibility of another global lockdown thanks to the latest COVID-19 variant.

As part of the various organizations doing their utmost to ease the lives of women and children, Kohler Canada announced a donation and matching program this holiday season. In a bid to get as much good work done before any disruption, Kohler Canada rolled out an initiative in support of women’s shelters in the country. The initiative will work towards bettering the quality of life in these shelters.

The company will provide $10,000 worth of items initially along with Amazon Wish List donations worth another $10,000. In all, the amount of the donation is over $30,000 and will be received by four associations – Joy’s Place (Vancouver, BC), Archway Society (Vernon, BC), Yellow Brick House (Toronto, ON), and Chez Doris (Montreal, QC).

Women and children are becoming more vulnerable to domestic violence and abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic. The numbers are a great cause for concern and are often underrepresented in mainstream media. These shelters are steadily becoming the only safe havens for such women fleeing violence across Canada. Contributions by Kohler Canada and other gracious donors will ensure that no victim is turned away due to a lack of basic supplies and unavailability of support.

By maintaining an Amazon Wish List, Kohler Canada hopes to involve anyone willing to contribute to a greater cause. A visit to the website of any of the aforementioned shelters will present a list of things that are urgently required in each of the homes. Additionally, Kohler volunteers will take care of the packaging and delivery and make sure that every gift reaches the intended people.

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