Yamaha Rightwaters transcends borders, Becomes an international effort
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November 30, 2021
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December 9, 2021

Yamaha Rightwaters transcends borders, Becomes an international effort

Yamaha Rightwaters

Yamaha Rightwaters

For the majority of us, the name Yamaha is eponymous with motorcycles. Not many of us realize that Yamaha is also the world’s largest piano manufacturing company. In recent years, they have expanded their portfolio to include other musical instruments like drums, guitars, violins, and brass instruments, among others. In fact, there is a Yamaha Music School too! So one would be forgiven for assuming that Yamaha’s expertise lies only in motorcycles. Another little-known fact about this company is its environmental campaign to clean up our oceans. Yamaha Rightwaters, an all-encompassing initiative by Yamaha Marine, has become an international effort.

The project champions the cleanup of water bodies and marine ecosystems while ensuring better water quality. As part of the initiative, habitat restoration, scientific research, mitigation of invasive species, marine debris reduction and environmental stewardship education are undertaken by the company.

The initiative first came to light on World Oceans Day 2019, in the United States of America. Since then, it has been working towards improving water quality and maintaining healthy marine ecosystems for successive generations. Earlier this year, Yamaha Rightwaters announced its support for the Ducks Unlimited Gulf Coast Initiative, which will provide ample opportunity to aid marine habitat restoration and carbon dioxide sequestration. It is a multi-year conservation effort which will see both organizations work with local stakeholders to restore designated seagrass and wetland habitats along with contributions towards climate change mitigation and carbon sequestration up to 530 metric tons annually.

Yamaha Rightwaters understands the importance of involving local communities wherever conservation efforts are involved. This allows community leaders and the local populace to become part of the initiative and learn about environmentalism. They can then promulgate the message throughout other communities too and draw attention to this critical issue. Conservation will only succeed when the global community comes together as one.

Additionally, Yamaha Rightwaters launched a plastics recycling program and even sponsors a clean technology start-up, Seabin. Through this sponsorship, Yamaha Rightwaters wants to highlight the importance of cleaner oceans and take conservation efforts to the next level.

Dwindling water resources and global climate change has highlighted the vulnerabilities faced by the world today. Global meets on climate change and conservation are commendable but it should also translate into something tangible at the ground level. Yamaha’s commitment towards securing the oceans’ future for the coming generations and its efforts to preserve what little we have, is an exemplary start.

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