Schneider Electric India and Sachin Tendulkar Working Together to Bring Digi Green classrooms to Rural Schools in India
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January 27, 2023
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February 7, 2023

Schneider Electric India and Sachin Tendulkar Working Together to Bring Digi Green classrooms to Rural Schools in India

The Spreading Happiness InDiya Foundation (SHIF) and Schneider Electric India are working together to bring digital education to rural students in India through the SMITA program. Intending to introduce 150 rural schools to Digi Green classrooms by 2025, this partnership aims to provide access to digital education infrastructure powered by solar energy while raising awareness about the importance of energy conservation and the environment.

Digi Green classrooms, powered by solar energy, offer a sustainable solution to modern education’s challenges while providing students with virtual training. This eco-friendly approach to education not only helps to reduce running costs for schools but also has a net-zero carbon footprint, allowing schools to earn carbon credits.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, one of the key figures behind SHIF, expressed his commitment to providing access to digital education to rural students and creating awareness about sustainability. He said, “Our goal is to bring parity between rural and urban students in terms of access to modern education and to prepare the next generation to be responsible and active citizens in a sustainable future.”

Anil Chaudhry, CEO, and MD of Schneider Electric India believes that access to energy and digital is a fundamental human right. He emphasized the importance of providing equal opportunities for children, especially in remote areas, through the advanced learning infrastructure of Digi Green classrooms. In addition, he said, “We must come together and create a meaningful impact on the lives of children by raising awareness about the conservation of energy and the environment.”

Under the Digi Green program, students receive an interactive learning program on environment and energy conservation, making them “Green Ambassadors” in their communities. In addition, teachers and students have been trained on various environmental and energy conservation topics, and over 8,000 saplings have been planted to further the cause of sustainability.

To date, SHIF has supported over 14,000 students from 81 schools across five states in India. In the coming fiscal year, they plan to set up Digi Green classrooms in 35 rural government schools, benefiting over 8,000 students.

The partnership between SHIF and Schneider Electric India is creating a better world through responsible, aware, and active citizens by providing equal access to digital education for all students, regardless of location. Furthermore, through the innovative concept of Digi Green classrooms, this collaboration addresses the challenges of modern education and the effects of climate change by adopting sustainable solutions.


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