Shree Cement’s CSR Project ‘Pronam’ strengthens Kolkata’s presence
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Shree Cement’s CSR Project ‘Pronam’ strengthens Kolkata’s presence

Shree Cement

Anuj Sharma, IPS and Kolkata Commissioner of Police, recently inaugurated the state-of-the-art office for Project Pronam, Shree Cement’s flagship CSR initiative, in Kolkata. The project is a joint venture between The Bengal and Shree Cement Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and Kolkata Police. Film Director Goutam Ghose and other dignitaries also marked their presence at the event.

The new office, called as Emergency Coordination Room, will be instrumental in reducing the response time of Pronam volunteers to the aged people around the city. Furthermore, the office will exercise a 24-hour availability model through a common helpline number – 033 241 907 40.

Hari Mohan Bangur, Chairman and Managing Director of Shree Cement’s Bengal edition, said, “The Pronam project has grown over the years and reached out to the senior citizens of the city providing security and moral support.”

The idea behind Project Pronam is to provide a community service platform for the elderly people of Kolkata. During COVID, aged citizens couldn’t step out of their homes due to excessive vulnerability and some of these do not have house helps or children for chores. This translates into a vacuum of essential supplies such as groceries, medicines, doctor visits, etc.

By registering with Pronam, people of the city along with Kolkata police personnel volunteer to dedicate individually feasible time for the service of elders. According to official numbers, the project receives 1000 registration applications per month from people above the age of 60. Anyone who resides in the city and meets the age criteria is eligible for membership.

Started in 2010, Project Pronam currently has over 20,000 registered senior citizens. Efficient logistical support from the combination of The Bengal and Shree Cement NGO and Kolkata Police position Pronam as one of the largest outreach programs for the elderly in Eastern Kolkata.



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