Period Hygiene Matters: A Look at the CSR initiatives driving change in India
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April 25, 2023
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Period Hygiene Matters: A Look at the CSR initiatives driving change in India

Period Hygiene Matters: CSR initiatives driving change in India

Period Hygiene Matters: CSR initiatives driving change in India

Menstruation is a natural phenomenon that every woman experiences, and it is essential to maintain proper hygiene during this time to avoid infections and other health issues. However, many women in India face challenges in maintaining period hygiene due to various socio-economic factors such as poverty, lack of education, and cultural taboos. This is where Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives come into play.

CSR initiatives help a company be socially accountable to its stakeholders and the public. In the context of menstrual hygiene, CSR initiatives aim to address the challenges faced by women in maintaining proper hygiene during menstruation.


Challenges Leading to Poor Menstrual Health in India

Despite the recent awareness about menstrual hygiene in India, the subject still continues to be a sensitive subject in many parts of the country. Some of the major reasons that contribute to poor menstrual health are listed below –

Lack of awareness

The female population in India lack awareness about menstrual health, leading to poor menstrual hygiene practices.

Lack of access to affordable products

Even if women know the importance of period hygiene, many still struggle to access affordable sanitary products.

Stigma and taboo

Menstruation is still considered taboo in many parts of India, making it difficult to promote open discussions about menstrual health and hygiene.

Lack of resources

Many rural areas lack essential resources like clean water and sanitation facilities, making it difficult for women to manage their menstrual hygiene.


Prospective CSR Projects for Menstrual Hygiene

CSR initiatives for menstrual hygiene can take various forms based on the needs of the target population. Here are some of the different types of CSR projects for menstrual hygiene:

Education and awareness campaigns

Such initiatives involve educating females on menstrual hygiene, including using menstrual products properly, staying clean during periods, and properly disposing of menstrual waste. Also, raising awareness about menstrual health is key to breaking the taboo surrounding menstruation and promoting safe disposal practices.

Providing access to affordable sanitary products

This can include distributing free or subsidized sanitary pads or promoting reusable menstrual products like cloth pads and menstrual cups.

Employment generation

Some CSR projects also aim to generate employment for women by training them to make and sell sanitary pads or other period hygiene products.


Long-term impact of CSR projects in the field of menstrual hygiene

CSR projects focused on menstrual hygiene have the potential to bring about significant long-term benefits in India. Some of the key implications of these projects include:

Improved health outcomes

Better menstrual hygiene practices can improve women’s health outcomes, including reduced risk of infections and other health complications.

Improved education outcomes

Due to poor menstrual hygiene practices, girls are often restricted to staying at home, so they cannot attend school. By promoting practical menstrual hygiene practices, girls can attend school regularly.

Economic empowerment

Women can be led to sustainable means of earning by indulging in activities such as making sanitary napkins, conducting awareness classes, etc.

Reduced stigma

By promoting open conversations about menstrual health and hygiene, CSR projects can help to reduce the stigma associated with menstruation in India.

Environmental benefits

CSR projects can promote reusable menstrual products, which can have environmental benefits by reducing waste.

Improving menstrual hygiene is crucial for the health and well-being of women in India. CSR initiatives aimed at improving menstrual hygiene have the potential to make a significant difference in the lives of women and girls across the country. Despite the challenges, we can prioritize period hygiene and ensure that every woman in India has access to the menstrual products and education they need to maintain proper menstrual hygiene.


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