Serving the nation, Pawan Ruia, Ruia Group’s CSR activities transforming the society in Health and Education
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Serving the nation, Pawan Ruia, Ruia Group’s CSR activities transforming the society in Health and Education

Entrepreneurs and corporates have actively been contributing to the development of the society for a very long time. Corporate Social Responsibility in the modern terms is about continuing the commitment to development and uplift the unprivileged section of the society. Contributions from firms helps in improve the quality of life of the workforce and the citizens.

Being a great believer of social upliftment, Ruia Group has always been at the forefront when it comes to the betterment of the society. Over the last few years, Ruia Group has taken some fine steps towards making the society a better place to live in. Time and again, the group has extended financial support to the unprivileged community in various sectors, particularly in education.

Ruia Group provides two-year scholarships to the students who pass secondary level exams, while students who pass higher secondary level are provided with three-year scholarships for honours students, four-year for engineering students and five-year scholarships for students from medical background.

The Chairman of Ruia Group, Pawan Ruia, is personally involved in various CSR activities. Under chairman’s incentive scheme, the company has been extending financial support in various forms to the children of the workers and employees. Nearly 100 children are awarded by the group to honour their merit in education, sports, performing art and visual art.

Financial support is also extended to the children of the former or existing students for their urgent medical treatment. Ruia Group focuses not just in education but also in games and sports.A number of athletes’ financial constraints are being managed by the firm. Broadening its social commitment, Ruia Group is providing medical benefits to the unprivileged people through its free health clinics.

At this juncture, the group is operating 3 clinics – two at Sagardwip, South 24 Parganas and one at Ruia village, North 24 Parganas. In the year 2006, Mr Pawan Ruia came to know about a village under Patulia Gram Panchayat in North 24 Parganas. After reaching out to the administration, he devised a plan for a free health clinic. It was a significant move by the group chairman and was praised by the authorities.

A free health clinic named after his father Sri Shyamlal Ruia is operated under Pawan Ruia’s supervision since 2006, which was inaugurated by Ruia’s octogenarian mother P D Ruia.

In Kolkata, Ruia Group has been actively promoting healthcare and education. It has developed a complete block in the Institute of Child Health near Park Circus. He has contributed for ensuring the proper functioning of a poverty-stricken school in Santoshpur and two free coaching centres in South Kolkata, among many other CSR activities.

Ruia Grroup promotes gender equality, especially when it comes to the education. Riding on this philosophy, it has helped many children in recovering from some of the scarcest diseases and begin their education. Since education and health are the two major aspects that can impact the future of a nation, the group wants the youth of India to adopt a healthy lifestyle and acquire knowledge for a comprehensive development of the country.

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