Mondelez International steps up in its effort to protect forests and reduce carbon emissions
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Mondelez International steps up in its effort to protect forests and reduce carbon emissions

Mondelez International

American multinational confectionery food and beverage company, Mondelez International recently announced that it will invest in projects addressing climate change. Furthermore, the company also said that it will be making seed investments in ventures that work towards social causes and aim to improve livelihood and build healthy communities.

As a part of its effort to carry forward its mission, Mondelez International has set up Sustainable Futures, a platform based on impact investing. “Through the platform, Mondelez International intends to invest in projects that protect forests, reduce carbon emissions or increase resilience in landscapes from its sources raw materials,” a statement issued by the company said.

With Sustainable Futures, Mondelez International also seeks to collaborate with others in advocating environmental and social causes to bring about a long term change. The company’s initial social ventures will be centred on an NGO that will build a sustainable, women-owned enterprise to reuse multi-layered plastic packaging for various purposes. In addition to this, it will also start a venture with INMED Aquaponics Social Enterprise (ASE) in South Africa to foster climate-smart food production among agro-entrepreneurs.

Christine Montenegro McGrath, Chief of Global Impact and Sustainability, Mondelēz International, said that through testing and by building new forms of partnerships with social organisations, governments and entrepreneurs, one can unleash the creativity and potential required to deal with the most pressing issues that the world is facing in today’s times.

While the number of organisations dealing with environmental issues is substantial, a favourable ecosystem to boost them is crucial. This is why, Mondelez International’s Sustainable Future will help them develop long term solutions for forest protection, carbon emissions reduction, innovations in recycling, etc.


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