Care amid Crisis: Mental Health for Senior Citizens during COVID-19
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Care amid Crisis: Mental Health for Senior Citizens during COVID-19

How NGOs like VridhCare, Devo, HelpAge India have been working to address the mental needs of senior citizens by One Single Approach.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 15% of senior citizens have a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety. With a projected doubling of the world’s population of older adults over the course of next 30 years, it becomes important to ensure that time and resources are dedicated for creating a strong foundation for a healthier aging population. NGOs like VridhCare, Devo, Earth Saviour, among others, have come together to support and cater to the mental needs of senior citizens.

How Covid-19 has impacted the mental health of senior citizens

Considering the current pandemic scenario, it can be difficult for the elderly to receive the mental health care that they need. Elderlies who are said to be at a higher risk of coronavirus have been separated from their families for long durations, so much so that even the visits were limited at various old age homes. This is why NGOs like VridhCare, HelpAge India, Earth Saviour have been working diligently to cater to their mental wellbeing.

Role of NGOs in Mental Healthcare of the Elderly

Contrary to the popular belief, mental health issues can be resolved by engaging in a conversation. Senior Citizens who have been abandoned by their families or those who don’t have families anymore, are prone to mental illnesses but such issues can be mitigated by initiating conversations with them. Deep down, all they want is someone to share their thoughts and feelings with. One such example of this is the team of volunteers at VridhCare. Their empathic approach towards the elderly has emerged as an emotional antidote to the people.

Such is the power of interaction. One conversation can change many lives, if not immediately, gradually. Mental health must always be among the priorities when it comes to any individual and especially children and older generation. This will not only help them lead a mentally healthy but also a happier life ahead.

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