India’s Top Companies for CSR Initiatives in 2018
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India’s Top Companies for CSR Initiatives in 2018

CSR initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a transformational practice by the business corporations in India, mandated by the government. As an initiative towards the collective community well-being, CSR is a positive step towards upliftment of the society.

These are the top companies which have incorporated CSR initiatives in their policies successfully:

1. Tata Chemical

Tata Chemicals Ltd are committed to serve the national and local deprived communities, present in their area of operations. Their focus is highlighted in their initiative programme, BEACON, further declassified as:
• Blossom: Promotion and development of native handicrafts •Enhance: Overall enhancing the quality of life •Aspire: Education and vocational skill development •Conserve: Investment in Bio-diversity, natural resource and climate change management leading to increase in environment sustainability •Nurture: Health care, sanitary solutions and safe drinking water

2. Ambuja Cements

Committed to providing quality lives to the unprivileged, Ambuja Cement emphasizes on utilizing the hidden talent of people. It also focuses on generating goodwill amongst its stakeholders through their community initiatives.

3. Infosys

As a leading software company, Infosys provides programs of quality education to its citizens, increasing their IT skills and proficiency. They are sensitive towards vigilant utilization of natural resources, and believe that the use of energy has a direct impact on the environment.

4. Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M)

Always supporting the enhancement of the quality of life, education and health, M&M affirm their commitment to the welfare of community, employees and its stakeholders. One of their recent CSR initiative, “Rise for good”, supports youth, girls and farmers. The company is committed to run their business with integrity and responsibility.

5. ITC

Crafting its CSR strategies towards societal sustainability, ITC creates a balance between its dual mission of providing stakeholder and social value enhancement. Some of its noticeable efforts are in agriculture sector of the country.

6. Tata Motors

Environmental and societal consciousness go hand in hand, for Tata Motors Ltd. Their initiatives are centered on health, primary education, skill training, women empowerment and support services for differently-abled. The programs hold local, national and global relevance.

7. Hindustan Zinc Ltd

Harmonious and equitable growth is the aim of the CSR initiatives of Hindustan Zinc Ltd. They prioritize inclusive growth, and therefore, have an internal committee and monitoring programs, which are established to keep a check on its social responsibility measures.

8. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd

CSR is integrated with the core operations of the company. Bharat Petroleum Corporation contributes to India’s development through its active participation in the energy sector. Its sustainable involvements are spread over urban, semi-urban, rural and tribal areas.

9. Coca-Cola Multinational

Coca-Cola aims at both profit and social benefit maximization. It continuously makes efforts to create a difference through its CSR efforts. It aims to contribute at least 1% of its annual income to the charitable causes. It also states clearly in its policies, the necessity to adopt ethical values and practices.

10. UltraTech Cement Ltd

UltraTech Cement Ltd envisions a long-term goal of creating a sustainable and self-reliant community. Their projects focus on providing educational and health care facilities, along with promoting sustainable livelihood and capacity building.

India has entered into a transformative phase, with the active involvement of these multinational brands, in implementing CSR policies and programmes. These initiatives are a major driving force for collaborative growth and development at business and societal level.

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