HSBC Supports Community Cause With Its Helping Hands Mela, 2018
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HSBC Supports Community Cause With Its Helping Hands Mela, 2018


HSBC, one of the world’s largest provider of banking and financial services, undertakes global commitment to serve communities in its area of operation. Since its inception in India in 1853, the firm is actively working for the benefits of the Indian society in other aspects than just business.

HSBC follows a strong sense of social responsibility with an aim to work for the overall progress of the community.

One of HSBC’s corporate initiatives, Helping Hands Mela, 2018 will take place from 29 October to 3 November. An event that attracts non-governmental organizations from across the country, to showcase their products.

The event hosts a wide range of goods ranging from accessories, local artisans’ work, jewelry, home linen, stationary, and diyas, to food items such as jam, pickles and chutneys. The mela takes place in the company premises and the profit generated is delivered to the causes and communities that the participating NGO’s support.

Over the past few years, HSBC, India, has keenly volunteered to work with local NGO’s and support their groundwork. It has kept its corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy in place where it collaboratively works for community development.

As per the company’s policy, all CSR projects it undertakes, would:

  • Reflect the key themes of educational and environmental support
  • Provide clear objectives and measurable impact
  • Produce a lasting benefit to the community
  • Provide evidence of HSBC’s commitment to the community
  • Allow for staff engagement through volunteering wherever the possibility strikes


The mela will serve as a platform for 70 NGO’S to exhibit their products. These organizations will participate in 21 HSBC branches across 12 cities. The mela will be hosted in Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida, and New Delhi.

Aloka Majumdar, head of corporate sustainability, HSBC India said, The funds raised are utilized for the development and social welfare of the community. Hosted in our branches across India, we extend a welcome to our customers and the public to share the Diwali spirit by helping the less-privileged sections of society by purchasing the products displayed by the NGOs.”

HSBC and Sustainability

HSBC pledges a long term commitment to support unprivileged sections of the society, disadvantaged youth and help increase financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills in the marginalized committees.

It also aids environment awareness and conservation with its active participation in water harvesting, biodiversity, habitat conservation and sustainable livelihoods.

HSBC Employees

HSBC also fosters active employee contribution in its initiatives. It encourages its employees to volunteer in supporting the community, where they learn about the ongoing issues faced by the society, and further apply the knowledge to their work.

HSBC’s Helping Hands Mela is an opportunity for the employees and the NGO’s to work with each other for mutual benefit. Employees interacting with these cause-led organizations help in creating awareness for them and their customers.

Through this initiative, the NGO’s get a platform to sell their goods, generate revenue, and create further business opportunities. HSBC takes pride in working as a responsible corporate citizen, not only by organizing events with a cause but also in areas of education, financial inclusion, environment and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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