Hybrid technology comes to IIT Hyderabad, Cyient launches digital transformation for classrooms
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February 2, 2022
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Hybrid technology comes to IIT Hyderabad, Cyient launches digital transformation for classrooms

IIT Hyderabad

Digitalization of education was a crucial point in the recently tabled Union Budget 2022-23. The budget outlay for the education sector increased by Rs. 11,053.41 crores this year and touched Rs. 1,04,277.72 crores. Out of this, a total of Rs. 8,195 crores was earmarked for IITs.

Aligning with the Centre’s vision, Cyient launched a CSR initiative through which eight classrooms of IIT Hyderabad were upgraded to incorporate hybrid technology. The initiative falls under the Inventing & Innovating in Technology for Humanity vision of the Cyient Foundation.

As part of the digital transformation, the eight classrooms will all have digital technology including:

  • Live-streamed videos of class activities
  • Integration of remote as well as in-person students in a single environment
  • The ability to customize classes according to the immediate needs
  • Application of any digital tool to compliment teaching methods as and when required

The adoption of hybrid technology will allow the incorporation of live-streaming classes as well as facilitate better two-way conversation between the professors and the students. Its implications are far-reaching and will transform the way classes are being held.

The integration of in-class and remote students bodes well in a post-pandemic world, where students may not always be able to attend the classroom physically. Adapting to the new normal is important especially when it comes to education.

Flexibility and customization takes precedence wherever hybrid technology is adopted. Accessibility to education also becomes easier for students and will promote better teaching and learning environment for both the faculty and students.

IITs are critical for the country’s growth. Much of our engineers graduate from these institutes and it is no wonder that the government is spending a lot on them. Upgrading these institutions on-par with international standards will help the new generation of engineers. While making learning easier, the adoption of such technology can and will inspire them to work on better tools to be used by the succeeding batches.

Commenting on the occasion, Prof. BS Murthy, Director, IIT Hyderabad, welcomed Cyinet Foundation’s initiative in transforming its classrooms. “This is a small step towards the Digital India Mission. We have recently launched a portal ‘’Giving to IITH’ where many such opportunities to support IITH have been listed,” he added.
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