How to make your business socially conscious?
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January 21, 2021
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How to make your business socially conscious?

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Today, a business that doesn’t give back to the community is looked down upon. In modern business times, an organization’s social consciousness showcases responsibility, reinforces positive public image and builds a relationship with the community beyond its products. But, how to start? Here’s a simple guide on how to make your business or startup socially conscious:

Choose your Social mission

Education, water conservation, recycling, and reduced carbon footprint are some of the most common social missions used by leading companies. Fundamentally, the social mission is selected on the basis of the organization’s industry, work practices, and feasibility. For instance, Nestle focuses on making its packaging 100% reusable or Learning Made Fun by HDFC Bank provides upskilling for teachers with better education for kids. It is imperative that you choose a social mission that improves the society with the business association.

NGO collaboration

In the second step, you have to decide the aim and scale of impact for your social mission. Here, small-medium businesses collaborate with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) that are aligned with their social mission. These NGOs help businesses conduct workshops, events, awareness drives, etc, depending upon their budget and resources. On the other hand, major businesses prefer heavy donations and public appearances for a socially active organization. Both guarantee press coverage and help the organization to connect at a humanitarian level with its respective community.

Employee Volunteer Program

Employee participation is the main difference between claiming and practicing social responsibility. The idea is to spread awareness about your organization’s social mission among every employee through a special session, corporate videos, or expert discussions, thereby motivating them for non-monetary contributions. Subsequently, the employees with hard proof of their efforts towards the company’s social commitment can be eligible for rewards such as better appraisals, extra leaves, long leaves, bonuses, etc.


Under the management and supervision of the Public Relations Head, consistent in-house efforts as well as investments can collectively add a shade of social responsibility for an organization’s functioning in the community eye.


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