Bringing change inside to change outside: How to keep your employees engaged in CSR activities
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Bringing change inside to change outside: How to keep your employees engaged in CSR activities

CSR activities

“Home is where the change begins” and this quote can’t be more apt even when it comes to CSR activities. With CSR being an indispensable part of business, companies are venturing beyond their organisational premises to find solutions for various social problems. However, as much as CSR activities are mandatory for enterprises, are the employees equally willing to work for a good cause?

As a company, how do you encourage them to engage in such activities?

Engage leaders and senior executives in social activities

When the leader leads by example, the team follows suit. Thus, to engage your employees in CSR activities, it is crucial to start with the CEO or senior managers. They have to be visibly involved in social responsibility activities. Be it is with regards to serving the underprivileged or working for an environmental cause. This will further motivate and inspire junior and mid-level executives.

Foster partnerships with local charities and NGOs

Research has it that employees who volunteer through work feel a lot better about their jobs. Therefore, build partnerships with local charities and non-profits and allow employees to volunteer there by giving them paid leaves or other types of incentives. This is also a great chance for your team members to bond with each other and not to mention the community, for a good cause.

Conduct awareness programs

The need to work towards the environment and social causes is dire. However, not everyone will be willing to immediately join on board. While some lack awareness, others only need a reminder.

Conducting awareness programs and sessions time and again will educate employees on how such activities will benefit the environment or communities.

When employees are happy and motivated, the results will be reflected at workplace as well, leading to profitable returns and less turnovers. Thus, keeping them engaged in social responsibility activities is not an option, but a priority for business organisations.

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