How Ryan International School is grooming its students for the future
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How Ryan International School is grooming its students for the future

Nurturing their child into a responsible adult is every parent’s dream. Since the children of today are the decision-makers of tomorrow, inculcating a sense of social responsibility among kids at a young age becomes important. Ryan International School, through various activities inside and outside school premises, is grooming socially responsible students at its campus.

A recent example of Ryan International School’s commitment towards creating better citizens for tomorrow is the awareness program for the clean Yamuna under the Namami Gange Mission. Organized in association with Institute of Applied System & Rural Development (IASRD), International Chamber of Media and Environment Industry (ICMEI), SMC Global Securities Ltd and Globe Capital Ltd., the program was aimed at highlighting the need to clean the Yamuna which is polluted by drains.

Ryan International School

This is not the first time the school has taken an initiative to create social and environmental awareness among its students. Ryan International School is known for organizing frequent tree plantation drives for its students. During these drives, students are taught the importance of green and clean environment, and how vegetation is an intrinsic part of our lives.

Ryan International School

Ryan International School was also recognized by Guinness World Records for participating in the world’s largest charity donation for the needy. The students of Ryan International came together to collect over 205,122 items of clothing for donation. Under the visionary leadership of Dr A. F. Pinto, Founder, and Madam Grace Pinto, MD, the students have participated in several remarkable charity initiatives, reaching out to the underprivileged.

Ryan School Food bucket challenge

Another example of the Ryanites commitment towards giving back to society is the ‘Food Bucket Challenge’. Inspired from the once viral ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’, Ryan International School’s unique initiative was aimed at mobilizing over one million kilograms of food such as rice, dal, and other essentials.

The beneficiaries of Food Bucket Challenge were over 5,000 children from orphanages and NGOs, who were provided a nutritious meal across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai through the food items collected and distributed to more than 20 NGOs. The initiative received a positive response from its own student-parent community as well as citizen supporters.

Citing the UN Report, the group CEO Ryan Pinto said, “Hunger is the number one cause of death in India and hence, it is imperative to encourage our students to become change agents and initiate a positive difference. The Bible, too, speaks about feeding the hungry and needy and therefore is a cause worth the effort.”

A firm believer in the efficacy of value-based education in transforming the children of today into responsible adults of tomorrow, Ryan International School incorporates this learning philosophy in its curriculum. Through initiatives like the aforementioned programs, students at Ryan are trained to understand and empathize with social issues and undertake remarkable initiatives to address them as responsible global citizens.

Vicky Fernandez
Vicky Fernandez
Vicky Fernandez holds a doctorate in economics, and is an advocate of companies involved in CSR initiatives and activities. His recent publication ‘Companies and Corporate Governance’ is an excellent resource for understanding various topics in CSR. He studies deeply about how business and society are inter-related and why a company is accountable to society, making readers understand the basis of CSR.

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