How ‘Ek Chadar Meri Bhi’ initiative is helping jobless tailors
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How ‘Ek Chadar Meri Bhi’ initiative is helping jobless tailors

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost all the sectors throughout the world. Many employees associated with these firms operating across different sectors have been struggling to meet the ends. Some are fortunate enough to have a roof on their head, while others are fighting for survival.

Many social media initiatives and NGOs have drawn the attention of people to this serious issue. One such initiative is ‘Ek Chadar Meri Bhi’, which is helping generate income for tailors who have lost their livelihood in the pandemic.

Under this initiative, people are urged to donate lightly used bed sheets to these tailors who are turning them into shopping bags. The tailors are able to earn a livelihood by selling these bags to stores, helping in reducing the carbon footprints as well. The best thing about these bags is that they are sold at a very nominal cost.

One of the donators who gave a chadar for the project said, “We all know how difficult it has become for these daily wage workers to survive during the pandemic. The roadside tailors and even the tailors at boutiques were rendered unemployed.”

“Ek Chadar is an initiative for these tailors. With basic equipment, these people can earn from home. One double bedsheet can easily produce 20 bags. I encouraged all my friends, neighbors and colleagues to pitch for this project. A friend of mine who owns a grocery store ordered about 150 bags today itself,” she added.

The initiative was launched by Anything Will Do NGO. While talking about it, Charanjeet Dhiman, the project convener said, “As human beings, it’s our responsibility to help the most vulnerable amongst us in times of need. We will do everything in our capacity to help them.”

Having benefitted from the initiative, a craftswoman from Faridabad, Shoba said, “I earn a daily wage of Rs 500-600 with this project which helps me buy groceries and milk for my family.”

Many such initiatives are being run across the country to fulfil the requirement of the vulnerable and less privileged sections of the society. We urge everyone to come forward and help your fellow countrymen who are struggling in these testing times.

Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur
She has been on the advisory panel to many small businesses helping them through their community building decisions. She has published case studies for many firms that help people understand the contributions companies can make in escalating and working towards global issues.

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