Fighting The Good Fight: The Himalaya Drug Company Reinforces Its Campaign Against COVID-19
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Fighting The Good Fight: The Himalaya Drug Company Reinforces Its Campaign Against COVID-19


“Health is wealth” is a saying we all are familiar with. One company is ensuring just that through its CSR activities. Well-known health care product brand The Himalaya Drug Company has recently teamed up with the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) and the Karnataka State Road Transport (KSRT) in the fight against COVID-19.

Its latest initiative comes against the backdrop of resurging COVID cases in the state. If the past year is anything to go by, it is clear that the public sector workers are in the highest risk category. Keeping this in mind, The Himalaya Drug Company’s latest collaboration is a big step towards ensuring the safety of over 60,000 staff members of the BMTC and the KSRT.

This is not the first time that the Bangalore-based company is giving back to the community. Staying true to the brand ethos, “Himalaya Cares”, The Himalaya Drug Company has already come to the aid of more than 6,00,000 individuals. Health and hygiene products have been distributed by the company as a part of its outreach programme which includes NGOs, schools, hospitals, slum dwellers and transgender communities.

The Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of The Himalaya Drug Company, Jayashree Ullal said, “While we are settling into the new normal, we know that the pandemic is far from over. This calls for continued support in the fight against COVID-19 to emerge out of it stronger. At the very core of Himalaya’s ethos is the support for our communities. In line with those beliefs, Himalaya undertook various initiatives across the country during these difficult times to mitigate the damaging impact of COVID-19 on our communities. Our CSR initiatives have been focused at enabling and empowering the vulnerable sections of society.”

The Himalaya Drug Company has already distributed masks, sanitizers, personal protection kits and even groceries to various sections of the community. The company has equally not forgotten the most neglected section of the society – the elderly, furnishing them with adult diapers.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and The Himalaya Drug Company’s initiatives are keeping the chains well-oiled and maintained.

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