Global CSR report launched by SONY in context to their sustainability
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Global CSR report launched by SONY in context to their sustainability

The Sony group has a vast variety of products mainly involved in the electronics, entertainment, and gaming sectors. It has a presence in diverse fields and has managed to stand out in the market. Along with this, the organization has a wide range of (Corporate Social Responsibility) CSR initiatives too.

Listed below are the 7 categories of the company’s CSR report:

  • Environment
  • Management
  • Responsible sourcing of raw materials
  • Responsible manufacturing of products
  • Responsible training and development of its workforce
  • Engaging the community – (responsible manner)
  • Innovation

Apart from showing its transparency by talking about its own requirements in a bid, the management of Sony has affirmed its commitment to portraying as a governance by glorifying the corporate governance systems. Sony holds on to the established business ethics and follows all the relevant laws and regulations. The Global Compliance Network of the company helps with the reinforcement of its commitment to integrity.

The employees can easily access all the necessary resources needed to address the emerging ethical and legal issues.

Sony’s commitment towards a sustainable environment for future generations

Sony manufactures a range of eco-friendly products with a design that ensures environmental performance. For instance, the Sony Blu-ray disc player which proves to be an eco-conscious product that maintains high performance and saves resources, energy, and space. The company is also involved in the SORPI project, based on recycling of plastic for ensuring minimal oil consumption.

In the year 2011, Sony managed to reduce its global CO2 emission by 30%. The company is also striving to produce reliable and high-quality products.

Sony’s employees have been involved in the production process and are given the necessary support to help the company fulfil its CSR with regards to environmental conditions, human rights and labor.

If Sony retains a competitive edge in its area of operations, the company will need to enhance its ethical policies and standards as far as the process of procuring raw materials is concerned, along with the manufacturing and distribution of products as they have a worldwide clientele.



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