Philanthropic Spirit Soars High at 21st Annual Motif-TTEC Charity Walk
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February 20, 2023
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February 22, 2023

Philanthropic Spirit Soars High at 21st Annual Motif-TTEC Charity Walk

The 21st Annual Motif-TTEC Charity Walk was held in Ahmedabad, India, on Sunday, February 19, 2023, to create health awareness and raise funds through public participation. TTEC is a global customer experience technology and services company with over 62,000 employees, serving Fortune 500 and international brands through its global delivery centres. The company encourages a strong sense of social awareness through a range of philanthropic activities organised by its employees, and the Annual Motif-TTEC Charity Walk is one such initiative.


The charity walk has been a success over the years, with the support of various sponsors and supporters across the globe contributing generously towards the upliftment of the community. The event is supported by individual contributions and corporate sponsorships in the form of cheques written directly in the name of beneficiary NGOs. The company matches every participant’s registration fee plus direct contributions to the NGOs, totalling over INR 15 lacs.


This year, the 21st Annual Motif-TTEC Charity Walk raised INR 9.72 crores for 66 NGOs, with 90,300 walkers and 277 donors participating in the event. The funds raised will benefit several NGOs, including Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer, Shree Bhojay Sarvodaya Trust, Swapath Trust, and Udayan Care. These NGOs have been working to provide comprehensive cancer care, medical and surgical treatment for underserved children and women, education and rehabilitation for vulnerable children, and higher education support and vocational skills training for vulnerable women and youth.


Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer is an NGO that has provided comprehensive cancer care for underprivileged patients across different states in India through awareness, counselling, rehabilitation, nutritional support, skill development, and holistic healing since 2012. Shree Bhojay Sarvodaya Trust provides medical and surgical treatment to address health issues of underserved children and women in remote villages of Gujarat’s Kutch district and has run a residential training centre for rural boys with mental disabilities since 1996. Swapath Trust has been working towards the education and rehabilitation of the most vulnerable children in Gujarat’s Dang district through school retention, higher education support, and special rehabilitation programs since 1997. Udayan Care has provided higher education support to girls and vocational skills training for vulnerable women and youth to become self-reliant and gain employability across different states in India since 1994.


The 21st Annual Motif-TTEC Charity Walk is a testament to the spirit of generosity and social awareness that exists in the community. It is heartening to see the support of individuals and corporates towards the betterment of society. The event’s success highlights the potential for public participation to impact society. With continued support, such philanthropic activities can help uplift the most vulnerable sections of society and create a better future for all.


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