Building a Sustainable World: 5 Solutions to Combat Climate Change
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Building a Sustainable World: 5 Solutions to Combat Climate Change

Building a Sustainable World

Building a Sustainable World: 5 Solutions to combat climate Change

When the world is busy with wars and territorial disputes, the planet is moving towards a situation from where there is no coming back. Today we collectively emit around 50 billion tonnes of CO2 each year which is 40% higher than emissions in 1990, about 35 billion tonnes. This has not just impacted the overall species, but humanity will suffer the most in the upcoming few years. The frequent floods, droughts, and Tsunamis are all directly or indirectly due to Climate Change. Hence, it has become more than necessary to reduce the change in climate today than ever. A lot has already been talked about the cause and effect of change in climate, and accordingly, here we will discuss a few innovative ideas which can help tackle the sordid impacts of climate change.


Empowering Women

We need 100 per cent of our population to combat climate change so, women’s participation is more than necessary. Women, especially indigenous women, have invaluable knowledge and expertise that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable practices. Investing in women and girls has far-reaching benefits, from improving agricultural output to increasing productivity per person.


Sustainable Cooling

It is a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional refrigeration, which targets energy-efficient Cooling solutions and measures to reduce ambient temperatures. Sustainable Cooling is essential because of the increasing frequency and intensity of heatwaves, extreme temperatures, and other weather extremes caused by climate change. Sustainable cooling strategies include design, innovation, and policy and finance, which can help reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency, and can help combat climate change. As a result, sustainable Cooling can have a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to climate change mitigation. Recently Sonam Wangchuk, one of India’s most famous environmentalists, has launched a campaign to adopt Sustainable Cooling.


Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a lower-emissions option than gasoline-burning cars under nearly any conditions, although their creation and charging processes produce some emissions. The primary source of EV emissions is the energy used to charge their batteries, which varies based on the location and energy source. However, even in countries that rely heavily on burning coal for energy, EVs produce comparable or fewer emissions than gasoline cars. Studies show that gasoline cars emit more than 350 grams of CO2 per mile driven over their lifetimes, whereas fully battery-electric vehicles create just 200 grams.


Sustainable Buildings

Buildings are one of the largest sources of carbon pollution in most Indian cities. Making buildings more energy-efficient through upgrades and technology, such as heat pumps and certified appliances, can reduce carbon emissions. Private businesses and governments must also commit to building decarburization, replacing fossil fuel systems with clean-powered ones, and implementing building performance standards. Policy tools such as city and state mandates and energy conservation standards can help achieve this goal. Affordable housing must also be invested in to ensure efficient and decarbonized homes are accessible to everyone. However, even after being one of our sustainable goals, proper steps have not been taken yet.


Our Choices

The most important of all the steps is our choices. In the first go, it seems very trivial, but in the real world, government and civil societies will only act if the citizens want to. One of the most significant ways to reduce your environmental impact on the planet is to eat less meat and dairy and opt for a high-fiber, plant-based diet that is also better for your health. You can also cut back on flying, use public transport, walk, or cycle instead of driving. You can also reduce your energy use by turning off lights and appliances when not in use, using low-energy lights, and ensuring proper insulation in your home. Small changes to your behaviour can help you use less energy, cut your carbon footprint, and save money on bills.


There are various other ways which can be implied for the betterment of the world we live in, and the changes are important not just for us but our future generations who have to live into what we do to our earth today. Today, climate concern has been discussed among the family circle. You can hear people asking what has India done to combat climate change even while walking on the streets. However, just asking the question is not enough. It is high time we must act to combat climate change.


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