Bhavish Aggarwal: From Taking OLA Electric To Building India’s First AI Unicorn
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Bhavish Aggarwal: From Taking OLA Electric To Building India’s First AI Unicorn

Bhavish Aggarwal: From Taking OLA Electric To Building India's First AI Unicorn

Bhavish Aggarwal: From Taking OLA Electric To Building India's First AI Unicorn

Artificial intelligence is the technology of today that has the potential to transform the future of humanity and change how we look at technology.

Bhavish Aggarwal, who founded OLA Cabs, has announced the launch of Krutrim AI for beta testing, which is also dubbed India’s own AI and is the first AI startup in India to become a unicorn.


Founding OLA Cabs

The young entrepreneur is an alumnus of IIT Bombay, where he studied Computer Science and Engineering.

After starting his career with Microsoft and working for about two years, Bhavish Aggarwal always retained his zeal for innovation, filed two patents, and published three papers in international journals.

The idea for OLA came when he had a bad experience with a taxi ride, which led him to the thought of founding OLA Cabs with a friend, Ankit Bhati, in 2010.

During the COVID pandemic, OLA faced difficulties and saw a 95% reduction in its revenue, leading to a layoff of over 5000 employees.

In April 2022, Bhavish Aggarwal decided to step down from OLA’s day-to-day operations and focus on OLA Electric and quick commerce.


All About Krutrim AI

Krutrim is a Sanskrit word that means artificial. The chatbot, also named Krutrim, is a set of large multilingual language models (LLM) that was announced in December and is the firm’s first product. The Ai models by Krutrim can understand over 20 Indian languages and generate text in 10 Indian languages, including Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, English and even Hinglish(a mix of Hindi & English).

A more sophisticated version of the chatbot, Krutrim Pro, is anticipated to be released by the end of 2024.

Similar to ChatGPT, the AI model will come in two versions: a base version trained on 2 trillion tokens and unique datasets and a larger, more complex model called Krutrim Pro for advanced problem-solving.


“Krutrim marks the dawn of a new era in the AI computing stack for our nation. We will aim to innovate alongside the world and define future paradigms.”

                                                                    ~Bhavish Aggarwal

                                                                  Founder of Krutrim AI


Apart from Krutrim, India has two more prominent AI startups that are working to develop their AI models. Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance backed BharatGPT, which was announced earlier this year and Sarvam AI, backed by Peak XV and Lightspeed India.


Breaking The Glass Ceiling

Bhavish Aggarwal is proving that one can always explore different avenues in life and constantly work to improve themselves and their surroundings. He stepped into an AI domain that is entirely different from his two earlier ventures, i.e. OLA Cabs and OLA’s electric two-wheelers. Yet he remained committed and determined to break the glass ceiling, which proved to be fruitful as his vision of making India’s own AI system bore fruit, and Krutrim became India’s first AI unicorn with a valuation of over $1 billion. Aggarwal’s endeavour will bolster India’s technical capabilities and is in line with the goal of achieving self-reliance for India.


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