Society #Kare: Katrina Kaif and Nykaa collaborate to giving back to the community
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Society #Kare: Katrina Kaif and Nykaa collaborate to giving back to the community

Katrina Kaif and Nykaa collaboration

With the recent launch of cosmetic line by Katrina Kaif and Nykaa, the message behind the brand #MakeupThatKares is very outright and profound. At the heart of Kay Beauty, the initiatives to give back to the community by supporting causes are close to Katrina’s heart, and to help build for a beautiful tomorrow.

With the vision to provide better living condition rather than direct financial assistance, De’Haat trains rural women to become competent in the production of handcrafted pencils made from recycled newspaper. In support of the foundation, with every purchase of a Kay Beauty lip product on, the customer will receive a complimentary handcrafted pencil.

Founded by Vrundan Bawankar in 2017, the De’Haat Foundation was built to create a source of living for marginalized women. After Vrundan visited her paternal village in Pauni in Maharashtra, she was inspired to set up a school to provide primary education to the children in the village. On realizing that students were dropping out of school as a result of the hefty education expense, especially among single mothers, she saw the need to also create means of self-competency for women in the village.

Through the foundation then started the project to train women to handcraft eco-friendly pencils. Through this initiative De’Haat has been able to provide employment to over 110 women in the village, who in turn can support their children and families.

Further elucidating on the aim behind #Kare, Katrina Kaif said, ‘Ever since we first thought of creating Kay Beauty, there was always a plan to find ways for the brand to give back to the community. I was so inspired by the work done by Vrundan and her team at De’Haat Foundation, especially towards creating employment rather than aid for the women of her village. We are very proud to be able to support De’Haat Foundation with our first #Kare initiative.’

Adding to that Vrundan Bawankar, founder, De’Haat Foundation thanked the Bollywood star for her support through Kay Beauty and Nykaa in giving women the platform to showcase their work, and be empowered.

“It is partnerships like this that help highlight micro development issues which can lead to a big change. With this support we will work on expanding our footprint to enable more women towards self-sustenance,” he expressed.

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