Suffering from ever-decreasing productivity in your business? Pursuing mental health doctrines could be the missing link; here’s how
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Suffering from ever-decreasing productivity in your business? Pursuing mental health doctrines could be the missing link; here’s how

Mental Health issues at the workplace

Imagine yourself running your business on a typical day. You along with your team are really stressed from work when all of a sudden, you get overwhelmed. The pressure is too much, and you can’t focus, you’re not able to do anything. You start feeling anxious. This is what it’s like to experience workplace mental health issues.

Mental health issues can arise from many sources: work overload, relationships with colleagues, job insecurity, and more. If left untreated, these issues can have a serious impact on our productivity, our physical health, and our overall well-being.

Mental health is a major issue in today’s world and it stays our priority always. No matter what happens, we should never take mental health lightly, especially in the workplace. Today 1 in 8 people are suffering from at least one mental health issue and that is decreasing the value and the productivity of their work which ultimately leaves the company high and dry.

Different countries have been following a pattern, a vision, and a different approach to making sure that mental health is not gone unnoticed in the workplace and the productivity of these experiments has shown great success.

Companies around the world decided to make a change after COVID-19 hit the world with a force. People lost jobs and the ones working were not making much, mental health became too vast and there was no way to end those issues. Initiatives were started to reduce mental stress in the workplace.

Companies & businesses, both public and private, are constantly under pressure to grow ḥ outperform the competition. This constant pressure frequently results in needless baggage of expectation/s on employees, who are forced to work long hours and put in overtime. While some employees adapt and even thrive in this environment, many struggles. Employees are forced to work in such an environment due to the pressure to keep a good job and the need for peer validation among colleagues, friends, and family members.

Having said that mental health is important to take care of, there are things every business person wants and need to keep in mind when it comes to such issues:

  1. Keeping a chill and healthy environment in the workplace and not letting any employee be overworked.
  2. Appreciating the efforts and keeping in mind to spread kindness.

Boons of investing in mental health:

When it comes to mental health, the benefits are clear: a reduction in stress, improved physical health, and a stronger sense of well-being.

Think about it. If you’re feeling stressed out or anxious, it’s going to show in your work. You’ll be less productive, less engaged, and more likely to make mistakes. Not to mention that stress is physically taxing on your body—it can lead to high blood pressure, ulcers, and even heart disease.

But when you invest in your mental health, you’re doing something that has a ripple effect on your entire life. You’re creating a foundation against your overall well-being; ill effects of which will carry over into your personal life, jeopardize your physical health, and disturb your spiritual life.

Strategies to Implement Mental Well-Being Practices

Mental health is important in every workplace setting. If you are mentally well, you are more productive and bring better focus to the work floor. There are a few things that employers can initiate to help maintain the employee’s mental well-being while on their jobs.

  1. Give the employees a good, interactive lunch break. This will allow you to step away from work, clear your head, and get some fresh air. Use this time to talk with friends or family, which can help relieve stress.
  2. Another great way to maintain your mental well-being is to keep your workplace healthy, enjoyable, and clean. This means having positive conversations with your colleagues, laughing and joking around, and taking breaks when needed.


The era of considering the workforce merely related to the job is over long back. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration for ensuring healthy long-term productivity and the health of the workforce. In the coming times, there is going to be a greater preference of people towards maintaining their mental health. Hence, entrepreneurs investing and ensuring that the mental health of their employees is taken care of is the logical thing to move forward in.


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