Health infrastructure gets boost as Hitachi India sets up new oxygen plant
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Health infrastructure gets boost as Hitachi India sets up new oxygen plant

Hitachi India new oxygen plant

Hitachi India new oxygen plant

Hitachi India and Vimhans Nayati Special Specialty Hospital to set up oxygen plant offering 97 per cent level oxygen purity to bolster health infrastructure

COVID seems to be making a comeback as a new variant spread throughout Europe, driving up cases. India has also seen a little spike in daily infection rates as cities like Delhi NCR and Mumbai reported a gradual rise in cases. In the event of another wave, it pays to be alert and prepared.

As part of its contribution towards accelerating oxygen reserve and supply in the national capital, Hitachi Ltd. and Hitachi Private Ltd. joined hands with Vimhans Nayati Super Specialty Hospital to set up an oxygen plant. This is part of ongoing efforts by both the authorities and private entities to ensure that an oxygen shortage does not befall India again.

The plant will be built within the premises of the hospital and will have a capacity of 150nm3. Additionally, it will also conform to industry standards and maintain a 97 per cent level of oxygen purity. This will allow the hospital to meet any future challenges related to oxygen supply and make it more self-sufficient. It also reinforces the health infrastructure on the Capital which had nearly crumbled under pressure, especially during the second COVID wave.

Commenting on the initiative, Bharat Kaushal, Managing Director, Hitachi India, stated that the project is part of Hitachi’s efforts to strengthen the health infrastructure given the likelihood of another pandemic wave in the foreseeable future. “This collaboration between Hitachi India, and Vimhans Nayati Super Specialty Hospital is a testimony to our conviction that together, we can overcome all challenges and create a better Quality of Life for citizens. Through this endeavour, Hitachi is powering well a healthier society and a robust self-reliant India for today and the times to come,” he added.

Dr. S.N. Chaudhry, Chairman, VIMHANS, was also equally positive about the project and tanked Hitachi for their contribution towards bolstering the healthcare infrastructure. “This humanitarian gesture by Hitachi India new oxygen plant is commendable and we look forward to strengthening this partnership and bringing new transformations in the healthcare arena,” he opined.

The oxygen plant will have automated built-in safety features in case of any malfunctions and will be an O2 PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) type. Supplying patients with critical high-quality medical oxygen will be easier thanks to Hitachi’s efforts.

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