Cadila Pharma launches project SAAHAS in Hansot, Gujarat
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Cadila Pharma launches project SAAHAS in Hansot, Gujarat

Cadila Pharma launches project SAAHAS in Hansot, Gujarat

Cadila Pharma

Health certainly is wealth but still remains out of reach for many Indians. An uncertain future awaits many for whom access to basic healthcare facilities is still but an unrealized dream. To tackle this lopsided construct, drug major Cadila Pharmaceutical launched its Project SAAHAS (Strengthening Access & Awareness to Health in Hansot) as part of its CSR program.

The project will focus on implementing a holistic public healthcare model in Hansot taluka, Bharuch in Gujarat. Cadila already has a substantial presence in Gujarat and runs the Kaka-Ba Hospital. The hospital is the epicenter of many health programs related to health promotions and awareness programs on various communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Under its latest SAAHAS initiative, the company installed an oxygen plant at the Kaka-Ba Hospital. Built at a cost of Rs. 70 lakhs, the plant’s capacity stands at 25 Normal Cubic Meter (NM3) and will enhance the medical services available in the hospital. The installation will allow the hospital to meet round-the-clock oxygen requirements for 40-50 patients at any given time.

SAAHAS will also act as a pilot for sustainable telehealth and telemedicine service model in the region. This will promote better health services in Hansot and allow for timely medical interventions. Designed to be implemented over three phases, SAAHAS will act as a holistic medical program for its beneficiaries. Situational Assessment, Implementation, and Communications, scale-up, and community participation are just a few of the parameters the project will work on.

Dr. Bharat Champaneria, the Chief Coordinator of Kaka-Ba Hospital, said that the installation of the oxygen plant is a plus point that will ensure an uninterrupted supply of oxygen and also act as a safeguard against any potential third wave of the deadly coronavirus. “Project SAAHAS aims to leverage existing government schemes and programs to ensure regular last-mile delivery of health and nutrition services. It will identify the gaps and challenges in existing systems and recommend measures to address them,” he added.

Global Health Strategies (GHS) will partner Cadila in this endeavor by providing valuable strategies and ideas to make the initiative a success. GHS conducted an initial screening and group discussions to understand the ground reality and develop a suitable plan of action. Based on initial reports, GHS recommended the formation of a clock-level sub-committee, creating an effective Peer Educators Programme (PEP), nutritional interventions, and awareness programs to dispel general misconceptions around child health and nutrition.

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