Brands revamping their packaging to attract more customers: Zedpack Pvt Ltd
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Brands revamping their packaging to attract more customers: Zedpack Pvt Ltd

Zedpack non woven bags

Zedpack non woven bagsThe inveterate pleasure of walking around, swinging modish shopping bags is second to none, say experts at Zedpack Pvt Ltd, the flexible packaging market leader.More than a simple seal or a medium of getting things home, a shopping bag is a subtle display of your brand choices.The common psychology of a shopping bag can be easily extended to customer’s obsession with the packaging of a  product.

According to the research and development team at Zedpack Pvt Ltd, “What a customer carries out of the store is the final indicator of his shopping experience. Shopping bags help the customers in making fashion statements, and add to their overall experience.”

With complete focus on value creation for customers, Zedpack Pvt Ltd offers a plethora of packaging solutions, which meet different purposes. It specializes in a wide range of shopping bags for diverse needs, such as non-woven grocery bags, wine bags, non-woven laminated bags, printed laminated pouch bags, non-woven fabric gift bags, HDPE PP woven sacks, Bopp PP woven bags, agrochemical bags, etc.

Zedpack’spackaging portfolio is as diverse asthe needs of global businesses. It offers innovative packaging solutions that offer distinction as well as practicability. The company’s persistent efforts have heralded an innovation into India’s packaging landscape.

A glance through the prevailing trends shows that all the big brands have one thing in common: excellent packaging. In the wake of its increasing importance, a number of companies are revamping the packaging of their products to attract more customers.Realizing the potential, manufacturers and sellers have started investing a lot of time and energy in deciding the packaging of their products.

Along with the clothing and apparels, a number of private dairies like Heritage, Prabhat, Sterling Agro and Dodla have undergone the brand revamping exercise.

According to the industry representatives and analysts at Zedpack Pvt Ltd, such rebranding exercises help the brands in differentiating their products from others and increasing visibility. This practice can also help them in bringing uniformity across their product portfolio. Apart from this, it is potent enough to attract greater attention, intensify perception and stimulate the customer’s interest in buying.

It becomes imperative for brand owners to recognize the significance of packaging and invest in getting it right. It is equally important to follow the trends, which resonate well with the customers.

Needless to say, anything that can bring a sea change to your business assumes prime importance for it. And you’re just one step away from changing how your customers perceive your product with smart packaging solutions.


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