‘Unnati For India’: How Visionet System Is Upskilling India’s Future
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‘Unnati For India’: How Visionet System Is Upskilling India’s Future

Visionet Systems

The COVID pandemic has sown seeds of chaos in every corner of the globe. Normalcy is beginning to feel like some time of the past, given the present situation. Although the world is slowly finding its solid footing again, the unexpected resurgence of the virus has thrown most plans in disarray.

The worst-hit are the healthcare services and the global economy. The economic crisis has left everyone reeling,  the developing countries with lower-income groups in particular.

The Global Survey on Youths revealed that 1 in 6 people have stopped working after the onset of the pandemic (a majority in the age group 18-24). In addition, 1 out of every 8 people has been left without access to instructional and training courses. This is a glaring problem in lower-income countries.

These problems highlight the vast digital divide present in today’s world and the challenges faced by the underprivileged future look certainly bleak, given the present circumstances.

India is going through a similar situation but not all hope has been lost. Country head and MD of Visionet India, Alok Bansal, is of the opinion that the Indian corporates can help turn around the situation. He says that his digital-led firm wants to invest in the Indian youth because he believes that they can make a difference.

In this regard, Visionet Systems has initiated ‘Unnati for India’, a program to help promising youth to learn vital skills in order to keep up with the evolving times.

“There is talent in India in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, but perhaps it doesn’t get enough opportunity to blossom. We feel it is time to go beyond corporate social responsibility and create a real impact on society by skilling and empowering the country’s most significant resource; its young people,” he says.

The non-alignment of school curriculum and the wants of the corporate world is a serious issue. Visionet aims to solve this misalignment by presenting the aspiring candidates with a suitable learning platform.

Even the pandemic could not stop the growth of digital technology. ‘Unnati for India’ plans to harness this positive growth for the upskilling of the youth. This will be absolutely free of cost and contribute to a growing pool of employable youth especially when the world is facing unprecedented unemployment rates.

Visionet Systems had previously announced its training program for over 1 lakh graduates in the coming 5 years. Under it, over 600 people have been trained so far and 90% have already been employed by various corporates.

‘Unnati for India’ is open to all undergraduates and graduates from all streams and will be conducted courses in both online and offline modes. ‘Unnati for India’ will also work with the government, NGOs and social groups.

In conclusion, Alok says, “Unnati for India stands for exactly what the name suggests. A higher standard of living and progress for every Indian. We want to reach out to the talent who are underserved. For a significant impact and economic development to occur, there needs to be a paradigm shift at the grassroots level to enable the country to grow and prosper inclusively. We need to focus on skill development through cohesive efforts.”

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